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Modern Chinese Literature and Culture, formerly Modern Chinese Literature (1984–1998), is a peer-reviewed academic journal covering the culture of modern and contemporary China, with China understood not in the narrow, political sense (e.g., People's Republic of China), but in the sense of Greater China (e.g., Hong Kong, Taiwan, PRC, and the Chinese diaspora). The journal publishes on literature of all genres, film and television, popular culture, performance and visual art, print and material culture, etc. The editor-in-chief is Kirk A. Denton (Ohio State University). The journal is abstracted and indexed in the Arts and Humanities Citation Index. Beginning in fall 2003, book reviews no longer appear in the print journal; instead, they are published on the website of the MCLC Resource Center, a website on modern China cultural studies and affiliated with the journal.

The journal publishes occasional special issues. The online publication series publishes translations, interviews, bibliographies, and articles with a strong multimedia component.

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