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Modern Dog
Modern Dog at MTV News Press Conference
Background information
Origin Bangkok, Thailand
Genres Modern rock, alternative rock
Years active 1994–present
Labels Bakery Music
Sony BMG Music Entertainment (Thailand)
Independent as of 2005
Members Pawin Suwannacheep
Maetee Nojinda
Thanachai Ujjin
Past members Somath Bunyaratanavech

Modern Dog (Thai language: โมเดิร์นด็อก) is a Thai rock band, formed in 1992. They issued their first album in 1994, selling 500,000 copies[citation needed]. The band has issued five studio albums, selling a total of 2 million copies[citation needed].

The band's 2004 album, That Song, was produced by Tony Doogan (Belle & Sebastian, Mogwai), with the title track arranged by bassist Yuka Honda of Cibo Matto. The album also featured guest appearances by Yumiko Ohno of Buffalo Daughter and Sean Lennon. It featured three singles that went to No 1 in Thailand.[1]

Extending their reach beyond Thailand, Modern Dog played in Tokyo in 2003.[2] In July–August 2006 the band toured the United States, including a show at the Knitting Factory in New York City.


  • Thanachai "Pod" Ujjin (Thai: ธนชัย อุชชิน; rtgsThanachai Utchin) – Vocals, rhythm guitar.
  • Maetee Noijinda (Thai: เมธี น้อยจินดา; rtgsMethi Noichinda) – Guitar
  • Pawin "Pong" Suwannacheep (Thai: ปวิณ สุวรรณชีพ; rtgsPawin Suwannachip) – Drums
Past members
  • Somath Bunyaratavech (Thai: สมอัตถ์ บุณยะรัตเวช; rtgsSom-at Bunyarattawet) – Bass guitars
  • Sarawut Loetpanyanut (Thai: สราวุธ เลิศปัญญานุช) – Keyboards


As a college band, Modern Dog won the Coke Music Contest in 1992. It was signed to indie label Bakery Music and was teamed with producer "Suki" Kamol Sukosol Clapp. The first album, Moderndog, was released in 1994. A local station, Fat Radio, which had then just switched to an all-indie format, continuously played the album's first single, Busaba (บุษบา), for 24 hours straight. Another song from the album, ...Before (Thai name '...ก่อน' and written by Pathomporn Pathomporn aka. Pry), is featured prominently in the soundtrack to the 2004 Thai film, Citizen Dog.

Because of its electronic experimentation, Modern Dog has been favorably compared to Radiohead, and it actually served as the opening act for the British band in 1994 at a concert in MBK Center in Bangkok.[3]

The band took a four-year break after its second album in 1997, Cafe, with founding bass player, Somath "Bob" Bunyaratanavech, leaving the band, and Pod taking time off to do some business abroad. Dispelling fears that the band had broken up, Modern Dog was back in the studio in 2001 to record its third album, Love Me Love My Life. The band then embarked on a national tour, with Bob temporarily rejoining on bass.[4] Since then, the bass-player slot in the band has been filled by a rotating roster of players.

Modern Dog has since been hailed as the leader of Thailand's indie and rock music scene, paving the way for such bands as Loso, Big Ass, Bodyslam and Silly Fools. After more than 10 years with Bakery Music (which was sold to Sony BMG Music Entertainment in 2001), Modern Dog has left the label and plans to release albums on its own label.

Along with its appearances in the United States in 2006, Modern Dog performed on July 28–30 in the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts production of a rock opera adaptation of the Ramakien national epic, along with Sek Loso and other Thai artists.

In October 2006, in appearances at music festivals in Bangkok, the band unveiled new songs for a forthcoming album.[5] Their fifth album, Ting Nong Noy was released in September 2008 under its own label Moderndog Co., Ltd.


Studio albums[edit]


Moderndog-Soem Sukhaphap[edit]

Released April 10, 1994

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Busaba" (Flora)   4:44
2. "Gala" (Coconut Shell; from Thai proverb 'Frog in a coconut shell')   3:12
3. "...Before" Pathomporn Pathomporn 4:09
4. "Manee" (A name of a girl in elementary Thai language coursebook 'Manee')   3:37
5. "Tomorrow"   5:20
6. "You"   4:11
7. "Life"   5:23
8. "Durian"   4:25
9. "Something"   4:00
10. "Out of Time (demo)"   3:38
11. "Gala" (ARP17409 Trance)   5:53
12. "Gala" (Barkin' Mix)   3:12


Released February 2, 1997

No. Title Length
1. "Not So Cute"  
2. "Actually"  
3. "Profound"  
4. "Tim"  
5. "Happy"  
6. "Thanks"  
7. "Whatever"  
8. "Shoes"  
9. "Ask"  
10. "Por sia tee"  

Love Me Love My Life[edit]

Released July 26, 2001

No. Title Length
1. "Vetan"  
2. "Very Good"  
3. "Isan Classic"  
4. "Happiness Is..."  
5. "Sing tee mai-kei bok"  
6. "Animal"  
7. "Good Boy"  
8. ";)"  
9. "Bedroom"  
10. "Nai Tee Suud"  

That Song[edit]

Released: October 12, 2004

No. Title Length
1. "Tar Sa-wang"  
2. "Parn"  
3. "That Song"  
4. "Nueng Kon"  
5. "Sa Bye Jai"  
6. "Gun Lae gun"  
7. "Gift"  
8. "Bon Far"  
9. "Ter Tao Nun"  
10. "Cry"  

Ting Nong Noy[edit]

Released: September 9, 2008

No. Title Length
1. "Still Breathing"  
2. "Novel"  
3. "Last Day"  
4. "Million"  
5. "Come Together"  
6. "BTS"  
7. "Moon Light"  
8. "Alone"  
9. "Time Machine"  
10. "Wait"  
11. "That's It"  
12. "Saneha"  

Live albums, DVDs and compilations[edit]

The Very Common of Moderndogcumentary[edit]

Live concert album released March 28, 2003

Disc 1
No. Title Length
1. "Busaba"  
2. "Ask"  
3. "Sing Tee Mai Kei Bok"  
4. "Something"  
5. "Tim"  
6. "Not So Cute"  
7. "Vetan"  
8. "...Before"  
9. "Thanks"  
10. "Happiness is..."  
Disc 2
No. Title Length
1. "Animal"  
2. "Whatever"  
3. "Somebody"  
4. "Very Good"  
5. "Good Boy"  
6. "...Ma"  
7. "Isan Classic"  
8. "Actually"  
9. "Por Sia Tee"  
10. "Bedroom"  

The Very Common of Moderndogcumentary[edit]

Live concert DVD released September 2004

No. Title Length
1. "Busaba"  
2. "Something"  
3. "...Ma"  
4. "Happiness is..."  
5. "Animal"  
6. "Sing Tee Mai Kei Bok"  
7. "Por Sia Tee"  
8. "Thanks"  
9. "Isan Classic"  
10. "Not So Cute"  
11. "Very Good"  
12. "Good Boy"  
13. "... Before"  
14. "Somebody"  
15. "Vetan"  
16. "Busaba" (encore)  

Hit You – Ultimate Collection[edit]

Compilation released in 2005

Disc 1
No. Title Length
1. "Sing tee mai kuey bok"  
2. "Tur tao nun"  
3. "Bang sing"  
4. "Kob kun"  
5. "Manee"  
6. "Dad song"  
7. "Busaba"  
8. "Ter hai ma"  
9. "Tur"  
10. "Por sia tee"  
11. "Happiness is"  
12. "Tee jing nai jai"  
13. "Bed Room"  
14. "Luek sueng"  
15. "Klai"  
Disc 2
No. Title Length
1. "...Before"  
2. "Tah sawang"  
3. "Tim"  
4. "Roop mai lhor"  
5. "Kala"  
6. "Kun lae kun"  
7. "Isan Classic"  
8. "Durian"  
9. "We tarn"  
10. "Klai"  
11. "...Before (acoustic)"  
12. "Mhod we lah (demo)"  

Wake Up At Ten[edit]

Live concert DVD/VCD released October 28, 2005, from 10th anniversary concert on May 21, 2005 at Huamak Indoor Stadium, Bang Kapi.

No. Title Length
1. "Tar sawang" (featuring Suthep Po-ngam)  
2. "That Song"  
3. "Parn"  
4. "Hai tur mar"  
5. "Bon fah"  
6. "Kun lae kun"  
7. "Lom hai jai"  
8. "Tur kao nun"  
9. "Klai"  
10. "Very Good"  
11. "Isan Classic"  
12. "Roop mai lhor"  
13. "Por sia tee"  
14. "Kor"  
15. "Mhod we la"  
16. "Luek sueng"  
17. "...Before"  
18. "Bang sing"  
19. "Sing tee mai kuey bok"  
20. "Happiness Is ..."  
21. "Tee jing nai jai"  
22. "Life"  
23. "Tur"  
24. "Kala"  
25. "Manee"  
26. "Busaba"  
27. "Tim"  
Disc 2 (extras)
Woke Up Ten Years Ago (Live from 1995)
No. Title Length
1. "Nueng kon"  
2. "Kob kun"  
3. "Sar bai jai"  
4. "We tarn"  
5. "Mar"  
6. "Tah sawang"  
Music videos
No. Title Length
1. "Tur hai mar"  
2. "Tah sawang"  


Date Title Album Track Listing
1 April 1997 Not So Cute Cafe 1. Not So Cute (Original Version)
2. Not So Cute (Secret Knowledge Radio Edit)
3. Not So Cute (Secret Knowledge Full On Remix)
4. Kry
5. Not So Cute (Demo)
1 September 2001 Vetan Love Me Love My Life 1. Stylish Nonsense Mix
2. Global Warming Mix
3. Montoon Moog Mix
4. Mr. Z's Tribological Mix
5. Laugh Mix
11 November 2001 Sing Tee Mai Kei Bok Love Me Love My Life 1. Alternative Mix
2. Kidnappers Quad Surround Mix
3. The Circle Remix
4. Zapper & Groovy Enfant
5. Indirect Logical Interpretation Mix
6. Live Version
7. Nai Tee Suud (Acoustic)
2 April 2002 Animal Love Me Love My Life 1. Animal (Roar Version)
2. Not So Cute (Radio 303 Extended Mix)
3. Por Sia Tee (Nolens, Volen's Summer of '98 Mix)
4. Good Boy (Roggin Demix)
5. ...Ma
19 September 2004 ...Before
(Collector's Edition)
Moderndog-Soem Sukhaphap 1. ...Before (Album Version)
2. ...Before (Acoustic Version)
3. ...Before (Demo Version)
4. ...Before (Unbarked Version)
5. ...Before (Pry Version)


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