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Modern Family
Season 11
Home media cover art
No. of episodes18
Original networkABC
Original releaseSeptember 25, 2019 (2019-09-25) –
April 8, 2020 (2020-04-08)
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The eleventh and final season of Modern Family was ordered on February 5, 2019.[1] It premiered on September 25, 2019, on ABC[2] and concluded on April 8, 2020, after 18 episodes.[3] The season was produced by 20th Century Fox Television, Steven Levitan Productions, and Picador Productions, with creators Steven Levitan and Christopher Lloyd as showrunners.




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Modern Family season 11 episodes
No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
U.S. viewers
2331"New Kids on the Block"Gail MancusoPaul Corrigan & Brad WalshSeptember 25, 2019 (2019-09-25)BARG014.09[14]
Alex is doing research in Antarctica to better understand what happens there. Haley and Dylan try to get their twins Poppy and George off to sleep, with the help of Claire and Phil. Haley reads a book on what to do in sticky situations with her babies and tries to reinforce what she learned to her parents, but Claire and Phil have another way of putting them to sleep. Jay, Gloria and Manny make a dog bed commercial for Jay's dog bed business using their dog Stella. Portraying Stella's voice is Manny's ex-girlfriend, Sherry. As the director, and using Gloria's advice, Manny tries to win back Sherry's love. Cameron tells Mitchell that he invited his theatre students over to "bond" with them. Actually, they were there to get Mitchell to admit that he threw out Cam's beloved clown statue.
2342"Snapped"Michael SpillerElaine KoOctober 2, 2019 (2019-10-02)BARG024.32[15]
Cameron buys a voice-assisted refrigerator named Bridget and both Mitchell and Cam separately form a bond with the refrigerator. Phil teaches a real estate course that Gloria attends; she and her rival classmate, Libby, have the opportunity to be Phil's intern. Libby is involved in a cycling accident and has to go to the hospital and Phil suspects Gloria of deliberately crashing into Libby, but the cycling accident was actually caused by Phil's juggling in the college parking lot and Libby's losing her concentration and crashing into Gloria's parked car. Claire has reporters come over to her house for a magazine interview and photoshoot and tries to get everyone out of the house by pretending to be sick because she does not want her family to be included in the interview. Alex returns from Antarctica and with Haley and Luke, discover why Claire was lying about being sick.
2353"Perfect Pairs"Iwona SapienzaStephen LloydOctober 9, 2019 (2019-10-09)BARG043.95[16]
Phil, Claire, Alex and Luke exploit Haley's twins to their own advantage: Phil has a magic competition and uses the twins to make a better impression than he did the previous year; Claire uses the twins to impress a prospective client in order to sell her a closet; and Luke uses the babies to buy wine for a girl. Later, Haley and Dylan find out what happened because of the camera in their baby carriage. Gloria, while not listening to Jay and Manny, and without consulting her sister Sonia, suspects that Sonia's boyfriend and soon-to-be husband is gold-digging her. Mitchell and Cameron rent their vacant apartment to an impossibly perfect gay couple.
2364"Pool Party"Abraham HigginbothamAbraham Higginbotham & Jon PollackOctober 16, 2019 (2019-10-16)BARG034.21[17]
Mitchell and Cameron convince Lily to be herself and wear a bathing suit at a pool party. As Lily starts to enjoy the party, Mitch and Cam go and hide because they are embarrassed by their less-than-perfect physiques. They later stand up and show Lily that everyone should be proud of themselves. Phil and Gloria try to sell a house, but someone keeps stealing the For Sale sign, so Gloria takes Stella's tracking band to find the culprit. Jay is irritated that Gloria is never home because of her job, and when she is home, she doesn't listen to him anyway, which makes him angrier. Claire tries to convince Haley that she should go back to work. She also tries to convince Alex that she should take a corporate job offer. Meanwhile, Claire has new problems at work, witnessed by Haley and Alex.
2375"The Last Halloween"Fred SavageDanny ZukerOctober 30, 2019 (2019-10-30)BARG063.93[18]
It's Halloween again, and Phil tries to scare Claire because she says that she can't be frightened. He brings her to a scary movie, which frightens him instead of her. Later, Phil scares Claire with a plan 11 months in the making, creating a war with Claire. Jay wants to save a rare Fudgy Duddy candy bar for when Joe comes home from trick-or-treating, but Jay is soon on the hunt when Manny accidentally gives out the chocolate bar to a trick-or-treater. Gloria is concerned that she getting old when other people correctly identify her as Jay's wife. Alex and Luke go on dinner dates at the same restaurant with their respective lovers Bill and Janice. However, when it is revealed that Alex accidentally sent intimate pictures to Bill's friend, and that Luke had once pulled a harmful prank at Janice's home, the lovers walk out on the disappointed siblings, who wind up eating dinner together.
2386"A Game of Chicken"Helena Lamb-WeberVali ChandrasekaranNovember 6, 2019 (2019-11-06)BARG053.95[19]
Claire is stressed out about work and no longer enjoys her job. Luke asks his parents for permission to drop out of college so that he can work on an app with his new business partner Scott. Phil supports Luke until he finds out that Luke did not come to him first. Later, Claire quits her job and both Phil and Claire agree to support Luke's decision. Meanwhile, Gloria tries to secretly baptize Poppy and George at home so that they will be protected in the afterlife. Jay thinks that she is wrong and that the babies' parents should decide. When Haley and Dylan discover Gloria's plan, they decide that they will think about it and perhaps have a church christening in the future. Cameron upsets Mitch when he considers taking a college football coaching job in his home state of Missouri without first consulting Mitch. At a football game with the college recruiter watching, Cam is distracted by his team's dolphin mascot, who persists in mocking him, so Mitch tries to help Cam out.
2397"The Last Thanksgiving"Eric Dean SeatonJeffrey RichmanNovember 20, 2019 (2019-11-20)BARG103.95[20]
Haley wants to prepare Thanksgiving dinner for her parents as a gesture of gratitude and enlists the help of Alex and Luke. Alex asks her chef ex-boyfriend to help them cook, but he is too overpowering and is later kicked out by Phil, so Claire ends up in charge again and thanks Haley for her efforts. Jay, Phil and Dylan fly Jay's model airplane, but Phil gets jealous when Jay trusts Dylan with the airplane. Phil later finds out that Jay purposely flew the plane at him ten years earlier; he then accidentally flies the airplane into himself. Claire is tricked by Gloria to do her housework, and later tells Jay that she is restless since quitting her job and misses being the boss. When Cameron and Mitchell go food shopping for Thanksgiving, they divide the shopping list to save time, but when Mitch tells Ronaldo that he and Cam have "split up," the misunderstanding goes viral and to Mitch's bewilderment their friends sympathize with Cam and not with him.
2408"Tree's A Crowd"Julie BowenRyan WallsDecember 4, 2019 (2019-12-04)BARG073.82[21]
Dylan's mother Farrah visits Phil and Claire's home to see the twins, but Phil and Claire don't want her staying long. Claire's stepdad Jerry also wants to pay a visit, so Phil and Claire think that if Jerry and Farrah meet, they can leave together, but when Jerry discovers DeDe's ashes/tree in Claire's backyard, he is overcome with emotion. Manny is feeling sad over his breakup with Sherry, so Gloria asks Luke to go to Sherry's improv show to put in a good word about Manny, but Luke later tells Gloria and Jay that he kissed Sherry at the show. When Luke confesses to Manny, Manny is furious and tries to attack him. Jay calms Manny and asks Luke to leave. Meanwhile, Mitchell and Cameron are asked to donate their sperm to a lesbian couple wishing to start a family, but decide that they will not donate; as it turns out, the couple has already selected a different donor.
2419"The Last Christmas"Jeff WalkerAbraham Higginbotham & Jon PollackDecember 11, 2019 (2019-12-11)BARG094.27[22]
The families gather for Christmas dinner at Mitchell and Cameron's house. Cam has a seating plan but for various reasons nobody wants to sit in their assigned seat: Gloria doesn't want to sit next to Phil because she interviewed with another realty company; Claire does not want to sit with her father because she knows he'll ask her to work at his dog bed company; Haley and Mitchell discover that Cam has a hidden first class ticket to Missouri; Luke's new relationship with Sherry is exposed, causing more conflict. During grace, the family cannot stop sniping at one another, so Cam reveals that it may be their last Christmas together since he is job interviewing at an out-of-state college. Everyone mentions their own future possibilities, leading to apologies and reconciliation. Later, they pose in matching pajamas for a family Christmas picture.
24210"The Prescott"Elaine KoElaine KoJanuary 8, 2020 (2020-01-08)BARG086.39[23]
Alex's new job lodges her at the opulent Prescott residential complex; the luxurious amenities interest her family, who memorize her resident ID code to later re-enter the premises. Although Alex explains that the Prescott has a strict "no unaccompanied guest" policy, each family member uses the ID code to sneak back in: Jay wants to watch his Blu-ray copy of Lawrence of Arabia in their deluxe screening room; Gloria wants to try their water slide; Claire wants to visit their high-end hair salon; Phil wants to sample their gourmet hamburger slider; Mitch and Cam want to meet celebrities; and Luke and Manny want to meet older ladies at their gym. After various misadventures all parties meet up at the rooftop hot tubs. Their sneaky acts are revealed to Alex when she receives a hefty bill for their activities.
24311"Legacy"Jason Z. KempJack Burditt & Christopher LloydJanuary 15, 2020 (2020-01-15)BARG123.84[24]
Phil visits his father Frank in Florida after hearing he was found wandering around his old grocery store, possibly suffering from dementia; the two have one last great day together before Frank passes away from old age. Jay invites Claire and Mitchell to retrieve old belongings from the garage, which gets them wondering why a vacation from their childhood was cut short (Jay needed to work extra hours to pay his employees). Jay uses Joe to help sell dog beds but later realizes his product idea is a flop. Manny once again tries to impress the girl at the mall that he originally wanted ten years ago, but is stopped before making an embarrassing "grand gesture." Cam and Gloria help each other with work rivals.
24412"Dead on a Rival"Jason WinerJeffrey Richman & Ryan WallsJanuary 22, 2020 (2020-01-22)BARG133.50[25]
Alex is looking for a new assistant for her job. Jay recommends Margaret, his long-time assistant, to Alex. Alex hires her but doesn't like her performance. Alex ends up firing Margaret, who admits that she wants to retire, but she does not want Jay to feel abandoned. Phil's old neighbor, a wealthy tech titan, comes to visit and asks if he would like to go to space with him. Javier attends Manny's one-man show and invites him on a year-long around-the-world cruise. Jay agrees with Javier that Manny should go out and enjoy life, but Gloria is worried that Javier will be a bad influence on Manny. After seeing Manny's show and understanding the effects of her coddling Manny, Gloria agrees that Manny should go out and enjoy life with Javier. Mitchell and Cameron are about to go to a flash sale when the previous owner of their house comes over unexpectedly and announces that he wants to die in his old house. Mitch and Cam try to encourage him not to give up on life by saying that there is a lot more to experience. The old owner visits his former friend who still lives in the neighborhood, and the two get into an argument.
24513"Paris"James BagdonasPaul Corrigan & Brad WalshFebruary 12, 2020 (2020-02-12)BARG113.73[26]
Jay and his family fly to Paris because Jay was told by Manny that he was receiving an award for his closet business at an international expo. Unfortunately, in reality Jay didn't win but rather was supposed to claim the award on behalf of Earl (a misunderstanding resulting from Manny's limited ability to understand French). Gloria and Manny try to keep the news from Jay, but he finds out. Claire assures Jay that his family is proud of him, award or not. Phil surprises Claire by showing up in Paris after claiming to have a work conflict, but he is surprised by Guy, a man Claire promised to meet up with in Paris after they dated while she studied abroad in Paris 30 years ago. Phil is jealous of Guy's past relationship with Claire, but ends up hitting it off with Guy after finding out they share an interest in magic and robots -- which makes Claire jealous. Mitchell tries to pass himself off as a Frenchman with a new wardrobe and attitude. Cam performs as Fizbo in the streets of Paris but has a run-in with another "Fizbeau".
24614"Spuds"Beth McCarthy-MillerVali Chandrasekaran & Stephen LloydFebruary 19, 2020 (2020-02-19)BARG143.28[27]
Phil and Claire take Haley and Dylan to dinner to reassure them they are not bad parents. While out to dinner, they run into Mitch and Cam who are chaperoning Lily's first date, as well as Jay and Gloria after attending Joe's school play.
24715"Baby Steps"Trey ClinesmithStory by : Abraham Higginbotham & Jon Pollack
Teleplay by : Steven Levitan & Morgan Murphy
March 18, 2020 (2020-03-18)BARG154.33[28]
Claire prepares for her online interview for an organization job. Meanwhile, Phil calls Jay to fix the broken step that Luke hurt himself on. Claire walks up the stairs and gets her leg stuck through the step. Jay and Phil try to bring her organization shelf to Claire to boost up her confidence during the interview. The interview goes wrong and Claire decides to talk about how she really feels about the job, which she ends up getting. Alex attends the Caltech event. Haley needs an experienced scientist for Nerp so she goes to the event. Arvin's students start telling Alex that her company has horrible ideas with technology. Alex and Haley meet up with Arvin, who explains that Alex would be “perfect” for his new technology idea. Mitchell and Cameron try and decide on what to do about the adoption agency. They decide to ask Gloria for some advice. Gloria is too focused on her open house to help Mitch and Cam. Gloria ends up giving Mitch and Cam a tour of the house, and they spontaneously decide to buy it and adopt the baby.
24816"I'm Going to Miss This"Fred SavageJack Burditt & Danny ZukerApril 1, 2020 (2020-04-01)BARG164.33[29]
Mitch, Cam and Lily move into their new house, but Mitch struggles to adjust. Gloria encourages him to literally say goodbye to the old house. Mitch and Cam's anxieties return when they learn that their new baby has been born early, before Lily helps them realise that they are ready to welcome their son. Haley, Alex and Luke frantically attempt to clean up after a party at the Dunphy house, without Claire and Phil finding out. During their Easter party, Phil and Claire struggle with their new identity as grandparents but eventually realise their parenting skills are still needed. Jay and Manny debate on who has a better passion for wine.
24917"Finale"Steven LevitanSteven Levitan & Abraham Higginbotham & Jeffrey Richman & Stephen Lloyd & Jon Pollack & Morgan Murphy & Ryan WallsApril 8, 2020 (2020-04-08)BARG177.37[30]
25018Gail MancusoChristopher Lloyd & Paul Corrigan & Brad Walsh & Danny Zuker & Elaine Ko & Vali Chandrasekaran & Jack BurdittBARG18
Phil and Claire decide that they want one of their kids to move out because the house has too many people living in it, and Phil and Claire have been living in the RV, which they do not like. Mitch and Cam name their son Rexford, after the street the house is on. Cam receives the job offer that he wanted in Missouri. He sees how Mitch has been enjoying the new house and the baby, which means it would be harder to tell him. Cam eventually tells him in front of his family and friends at their housewarming party. Mitch, being put on the spot, agreed to support Cam and move. Just as Phil and Claire are about to tell the kids the news, they learn that Haley, Dylan, and the twins are moving into Mitch and Cam's old home, Alex's job has been relocated to Switzerland, and Luke has been accepted to the University of Oregon. Gloria notices Jay in several moments of self-isolation, leading her to worry about him. It is revealed that he is trying to learn Spanish to impress her and so he would be able to go to Colombia with her and Joe over the summer. As the family gets together to say farewell to Mitch, Cam, Lily, and Rexford, the flight is repeatedly delayed until 9PM. During this time, Claire and Mitch steal their figure skating trophy which Jay and DeDe donated to the figure skating association because Claire and Mitch were fighting over who should keep it. Cam gives Gloria his letter and tells her to express her feelings on a card, which she thought was directed at Manny, who is leaving to travel the world with his father Javier. Haley and Alex seek to bug Luke one last time by refilming the video that they made when they were young. Haley and Alex wanted to prove that they were able to take care of a dog, which they showed what they would do to the dog, with Luke as the dog. Before everyone parts ways, the family meets up at Phil and Claire's house and they form a big family hug. The episode ends with a voiceover of Jay featuring all three houses as the lights turn off, yet at the Dunphys’ the porch light is turned back on.


A retrospective special entitled A Modern Farewell aired on Wednesday, April 8, 2020 at 8:00 P.M., prior to the series finale. The retrospective included appearances by Ed O'Neill, Sofia Vergara, Ty Burrell, Julie Bowen, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet, Sarah Hyland, Ariel Winter, Nolan Gould, Rico Rodriguez, Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, Jeremy Maguire, Reid Ewing and Benjamin Bratt.[31]


Viewership and ratings per episode of Modern Family season 11
No. Title Air date Rating/share
DVR viewers
Total viewers
1 "New Kids on the Block" September 25, 2019 1.1/5 4.09[14] 1.1 3.14 2.2 7.25[32]
2 "Snapped" October 2, 2019 1.1/6 4.32[15] 1.0 2.57 2.1 6.89[33]
3 "Perfect Pairs" October 9, 2019 0.9/5 3.95[16] 0.9 2.54 1.8 6.50[34]
4 "Pool Party" October 16, 2019 1.0/5 4.21[17] 0.9 2.44 1.9 6.65[35]
5 "The Last Halloween" October 30, 2019 1.0/4 3.93[18] 1.0 2.77 2.0 6.70[36]
6 "A Game of Chicken" November 6, 2019 0.9/5 3.95[19] 0.9 2.57 1.8 6.52[37]
7 "The Last Thanksgiving" November 20, 2019 0.9/5 3.95[20] 0.9 2.69 1.8 6.64[38]
8 "Tree's A Crowd" December 4, 2019 0.9/5 3.82[21] 0.8 2.48 1.7 6.31[39]
9 "The Last Christmas" December 11, 2019 0.9/5 4.27[22] 0.8 2.38 1.7 6.65[40]
10 "The Prescott" January 8, 2020 1.5/8 6.39[23] 0.8 2.46 2.3 8.86[41]
11 "Legacy" January 15, 2020 0.9/5 3.84[24] 0.9 2.70 1.8 6.54[42]
12 "Dead on a Rival" January 22, 2020 0.8/4 3.50[25] 0.8 2.68 1.6 6.19[43]
13 "Paris" February 12, 2020 0.9 3.73[26] 0.7 2.42 1.6 6.15[44]
14 "Spuds" February 19, 2020 0.7 3.28[27] 0.8 2.53 1.5 5.82[45]
15 "Baby Steps" March 18, 2020 0.9 4.33[28] 0.8 2.49 1.7 6.81[46]
16 "I'm Going to Miss This" April 1, 2020 1.0 4.33[29] 0.8 2.74 1.8 7.07[47]
17 "Finale Part 1" April 8, 2020 1.6 7.37[30] 0.7 2.80 2.3 10.17[48]
18 "Finale Part 2" April 8, 2020 1.6 7.37[30] 0.7 2.80 2.3 10.17[48]


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