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Irish Army
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Irish Army
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The modern Irish Army uniform is based on the layer principle and is designed to provide the soldier with the right degree of protection for any operational environment.

Field dress[edit]

Army Reserve members in field dress
Inspection of Cavalry Corps members in field dress with Glengarry headdress

An Irish army uniform consists of the following:

  • Beret – black for permanent defence forces, light green for Army Reserve from May 2015 reserve defence forces will also adopt the black beret as worn by the permanent defence forces. Also being introduced at this time is a peaked cap for Service dress No1 uniform for the NCO's and Privates, however the Officers will retain the Glengarry. Beret colours: red for Póilíní Airm (military police), Commando green for Army Ranger Wing and Glengarry headdress for Cavalry Corps. The Irish Defence Forces cap badge is usually worn with headdress.
  • DPM/Desert DPM waterproof cap (for use in cold weather).
  • DPM/UN blue/Desert DPM bush hat.
  • DPM shirt – both temperate and desert pattern.(Barracks dress)
  • DPM UBACS - worn with body armour (operational dress)
  • DPM smock – combat jacket with hood in both temperate and desert pattern.
  • DPM rainsuit – breathable material, temperate and desert pattern.
  • DPM trousers (tropical all-cotton and polycotton heavyweight versions).
  • A velcro cloth name tape is worn on the over the right breast pocket on the outerlayer, and a Defence Forces Ireland or Óglaigh na hÉireann patch is positioned over the left breast pocket.
  • Summer, winter, and tropical issue socks.
  • DPM Driflo baselayers, short and long sleeve tops, shorts and long leggings.
  • DPM Norwegian pattern combat shirt.
  • DPM softshell operational fleece jacket(Barracks dress)
  • Hollowfibre "Snugpak" jacket (green/black reversible)
  • Boots barrack light operational (worn in barracks and in warm weather at home and abroad).
  • Boots operational (Gore-Tex lined all-leather waterproof, used in cold/wet conditions).
Ancillary items
  • DPM Scarf.
  • DPM Insulated/waterproof gloves.
  • DPM Headover.
  • DPM waterproof Gaiters.
Personal Equipment
  • Bose crewman's helmet APC crew.
  • Rabintex RBH 303IE combat helmet with DPM/UN blue covers.
  • IPLCS Battlevest,Large backpack/patrol pack, DPM web gear.
  • Combat body armour (Personal body armour with DPM/UN blue covers).
  • Hatch Protective knee/elbow pads.
  • Camelbak hydration systems normal 2.5ltr version and 3ltr CBRN version.
  • ESS profile NVG protective goggles.
Flag party in service dress

Service dress[edit]

The Service Dress (SD) Uniform is used by the Army for ceremonial and administrative duties. It resembles khaki service dress worn in many armies, but is in a distinctive green shade. The uniform, introduced in 1961, consists of a jacket which is open to show a creamy brown shirt and green tie.[1] The layout of the uniform varies from corps to corps. For enlisted soldiers, the rank markings are worn on the sleeves of the issue tunic. The Unit and Brigade Flashes are worn on the right and left sleeves respectively. A lanyard depicting the corps function is worn over the left shoulder and pinned to the left chest pocket button (e.g. white lanyard for artillery, red for military police). The corps badge is pinned to the tunic lapels. A cloth belt with brass buckles is worn around the waist of the tunic.

Black leather gloves are worn by privates or NCOs below BQMS rank. When worn as SD No. 1, the cloth belt is traded for a white dress belt, and white gloves are worn by enlisted personnel below BQMS rank. Medals are worn with SD No. 1. Medal ribbons are worn with SD No. 2 and 3.

Peaked caps have been introduced and are worn by enlisted ranks on ceremonial occasions.

With SD No1 troops wear the all-leather "Linkers" ceremonial boot. The tunic button is a stay-bright material with a harp and the inscription "IV" commemorating the Irish Volunteers.

Officers have their rank markings pinned to the shoulder straps of their tailored tunic. They also wear a Sam Browne Belt in brown leather. The Officers SD No. 1 Uniform also includes brown leather shoes and brown leather gloves. Non-cavalry officers in the Permanent Defence Force wear peaked caps, whereas cavalry and reserve officers wear Glengarry hats with black and green ribbons respectively. All officers except colonels and higher ranks (who have since 2010 worn a gilt badge backed with red cloth) wear bronze cap badges, marking them out from the enlisted ranks who have anodised aluminium brass coloured cap badges.

Irish Army pipe band in uniform

Army Bands wear a black ceremonial uniform with red stripes on the trousers and peak cap type headwear.[2]

The Cavalry corps ceremonial escort of honour wears a new dress uniform since 2010.

Army Pipers and drummers wear a saffron kilt with Royal green tunics and black Glengarry with saffron ribbons.[1]

Brass type name tags are worn with Service dress No. 1, 2 and 3.

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