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October University for Modern Sciences and Arts
جامعة أكتوبر للعلوم الحديثة والآداب
Other name
MottoThe Best of British Higher Education in Egypt
TypePrivate University
Established1996; 26 years ago (1996)
FounderNawal El-Degwi
PresidentKhayri AbdelHamid
PrincipalNawal El-Degwi
26 July Mehwar Road intersection with Wahat Road, sixth October City. Egypt.
, ,
Campus6th of October, Dokki
Colors   Gold & white

October University for Modern Sciences and Arts (Arabic: جامعة أكتوبر للعلوم الحديثة والآداب) is located in Cairo, Egypt.[1][2] It was founded in 1996 by Dr. Nawal El-Degwi, a pioneer of the Egyptian private education. The university is accredited by the Egyptian and British ministry of education and a graduate student can study in Britain without any equivalence.


MSA was established in 1996.


Pharmacy students at MSA attend drug design lab.

The university has nine faculties:

  1. Computer Science
  2. Pharmacy
  3. Mass Communication
  4. Management Sciences
  5. Engineering
  6. Biotechnology
  7. Arts and Design
  8. Oral and Dental Medicine
  9. Languages
  10. physiotherapy

British validation[edit]

MSA was the pioneer in Egypt to validate its programs with British Universities in 2002.

It is the first Egyptian university to grant its graduates a dual-origin bachelor's degree; namely a British degree from Middlesex (2002-2014), Bedfordshire (2014-present) or Greenwich (2002–present) universities, and another Egyptian degree which is accredited by the Egyptian Supreme Council for Universities. Thus, MSA University graduates enjoy the privilege of attaining scholarships and have the chance to pursue their MA and PhD studies in the United Kingdom.


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