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Modern equipment of the French Army is a list of equipment currently in service with the French Army. Figures are provided by the French Ministry of Defense for July 1, 2015.[1]

Infantry equipment[edit]


Name Origin Type Cartidge Photo Notes
MAC 50  France Semi-automatic pistol 9 mm MAC-50 detoured.jpg In service since 1953. During withdrawal.
PAMAS G1  France
Semi-automatic pistol 9 mm DCB-Shooting MAS G1S.jpg Enter into operational service in 1989 in the national gendarmerie, and in 1992 the Air Force and in 1999 for the Army and Navy. 97,502 weapons in 2002.[2]
Glock 17  Austria Semi-automatic pistol 9 mm Criminologygunglock.jpg
HK USP.SD  Germany Semi-automatic pistol 9 mm HKUSP.png

Submachine Guns[edit]

Name Origin Type Cartidge Photo Notes
 Germany Submachine gun 9mm MP5.jpg Used by French Army's special forces.
FN P90  Belgium Submachine gun 5.7mm FN-P90 2.jpg Used by French Army's special forces.

Assault, battle rifles[edit]

Name Origin Type Cartidge Photo Notes
Famas F1  France Assault rifle 5.56mm Rifles FAMAS.jpg The FAMAS is the service rifle of the French military, over 700,000 were delivered.
HK416 A5
HK416 D14.5RS
HK416 F
 Germany Assault rifle 5.56mm HK416.jpg Used by French Army's special forces; the HK416F will replace the FAMAS as the standard assault rifle from 2017. 102,000 weapons ordered.
FN SCAR-L  Belgium Assault rifle 5.56mm ARMS & Hunting 2010 exhibition (331-26).jpg Used by French Army's special forces.
M16 A2 M203
M16 723 M203
 United States Assault rifle 5.56mm M16a2m203 afmil.jpg Used by French Army's special forces.


Name Origin Type Cartidge Photo Notes
Benelli M3T Super 90  Italy Semi-automatic shotgun 12-Gauge Benelli M3 Super 90.jpg Used by French army's special forces.
Mossberg 500  United States Pump-action shotgun 12-Gauge PEO Mossberg 590A1.jpg Used by French army's special forces and units in French Guiana.

Sniper and Anti-materiel rifles[edit]

Name Origin Type Cartidge Photo Notes
FR-F2  France Sniper rifle 7.62 mm FRF2 lunette Schrome.jpg In service since 1986.
PGM Ultima Ratio  France Sniper rifle 7.62 mm Ultima Ratio Commando slovenske vojske.jpg
HK MSG90  Germany Sniper rifle 7.62 mm MSG 90 rifle museum 2014.jpg
HK 417  Germany Sniper rifle 7.62 mm Combater.jpg
PGM Hécate II  France Anti-materiel rifle 12.7 mm PGM Hecate.jpg

Machine Guns[edit]

Name Origin Type Cartidge Photo Notes
FN Minimi  Belgium Light machine gun 5.56mm Minimi.jpg 10.881 ordered in 2011
ANF1  France General purpose machine gun 7.62 mm Porte ouverte 18RT-15 juin 2009 arme militaire03.jpg
FN MAG 58  Belgium General purpose machine gun 7.62 mm FN MAG.jpg
M2 Browning  United States Heavy machine gun .50 cal PEO M2E2-QCB HMG.jpg

Portable Anti-Materiel Weapons[edit]

Name Origin Type Caliber Photo Notes
AT4 CS  Sweden Anti-tank weapon 84mm AT4 2REI 1.jpg
MILAN  France
Anti-tank guided missile 115mm Milan 2.jpg 528
FGM-148 Javelin  United States Fire-and-forget anti-tank missile 127mm FGM-148 Javelin - ID 061024-A-0497K-004.JPEG 76
ERYX  France Anti-tank guided missile 136mm ERYX-2ndFrInReg 2.jpg 678

Grenade-Based Weapons[edit]

Name Origin Type Caliber Photo Notes
LGI Mle F1 (Lance-grenade individuel Mle F1)  France Grenade launcher 51mm LGI entrainement.jpg
Heckler & Koch AG36  Germany Grenade launcher 40mm GewehrAG36.jpg Service in limited numbers since at least 2014. 10,767 ordered in September 2016.
M203 grenade launcher  United States Grenade launcher 40mm M203 1.jpg



Armored Vehicles[edit]

Name Origin Variant Number[3] Photo Notes
AMX Leclerc  France main battle tank 241 (2017) Leclerc-openphotonet PICT6015.JPG 165 in storage (406 in total)
Armoured Recce
AMX-10 RC  France Armoured recce 249 (2017) AMX-10-RC.JPG To be retired in the near future and will be replaced by 248 EBRC vehicles.[4]
ERC 90 Sagaie  France Armoured recce 90 ERC-90 Sagaie 008 FR.JPG 60 in service by 2019
Armoured personnel carriers
VBCI  France 625 (2017) VCBI-openphotonet PICT6027.JPG 110 of the vehicles are the armoured command variant.[5]
VAB  France 2,718 (2017) 54RA-IMG 9125.jpg To be retired in late 2020 and to be replaced by 2,080 VBMR vehicles.[4] Vehicle numbers include some: 100 VAB MILAN, 175 VAB ERYX, 25 VAB Reco,[6] 30 VCAC Mephisto, 89 VOA[1] and 243 VAB SAN.
VHM Armoured
 United Kingdom
Armoured personnel carrier 53 (2017)
41 (2017)
VHM-1, (Véhicule haute mobilité), French army licence registration '6932 0993' photo-2.JPG Order split between Bv206S[9] and BvS10
VBL  France Armoured car 1,448 (2017) VBL RHP Afghanistan.JPG
PVP  France Armoured car 1,176 (2017) Charleville mezieres defilé 14 juillet 2010 02.jpg
Armoured recovery
Leclerc DCL  France Armoured recovery vehicle 18 Char de Dépannage DNG-DCL 14 juillet 2006.jpg
AMX-30D  France Armoured recovery vehicle 30 AMX-30D-cote-droit.jpg


Name Origin Variant Number[3] Photo Notes
Armoured engineering vehicles
Nexter Aravis  France Mine-resistant ambush protected 11 (2017) Nexter Aravis à Strasbourg, 2010 (3).jpg
Buffalo  United States Mine-resistant ambush protected 4 (2017) Buffalo MRAP ( Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle ).JPG
Engin Blindé du Génie  France Armoured engineering vehicle 42 (2017) 20060714 defile blindes p1040887.jpg Used with 12 SDPMAC (Mine Clearance Explosives) Systems. (2017)
AMX 30 B2 DT  France Remote Controlled Mine Clearance System 3 (2017) World of French tanks - Engin Blindé du Génie - front.jpg
unarmoured engineering vehicles
EFA  France Ferry/Mobile bridge 33 (2017) French army EFA DSC00859 sans CRS.jpg
PFM  France Mobile bridge 54 (2017) Charleville mezieres defilé 14 juillet 2010 04.jpg
SPRAT  France Modular assault bridge 10 (2017) SPRAT, le 14 juillet 2012 à Paris.JPG
Liebherr LTM 1050-3.1  Germany Mobile crane 48 (2017) Liebherr telescopic crane photo-1.JPG
EGAME  France Bulldozer 34 (2017) UNAC dozer photo-1.JPG
MPG  France Bulldozer  ? Matériel Polyvalent du Génie MPG, photo-2.JPG
Caterpillar D6  United States Bulldozer 40 Bastille Day 2014 Paris - Motorised troops 080.jpg
EGRAP  United Kingdom Backhoe loader 138 (2017) Charleville mezieres defilé 14 juillet 2010 03.jpg

Unarmored Vehicles[edit]

Name Origin Variant Number[3] Photo Notes
Unarmoured Vehicles
VLRA  France Truck VLRA TPK 4 25 STL Pamela 009.JPG
Peugeot P4  France Light Utility Vehicle 2,500 French Peugeot P4 dsc06852.jpg 13,500 delivered between 1982 and 1992, 600 withdrawn from service every year.
Land Rover Defender  United Kingdom Light Utility Vehicle 550[10] Land Rover Defender FR Army - Strasbourg.jpg
VPS[11]  France Light Utility Vehicle 51 MB G280CDI.jpg Used by special forces.

Artillery and air-defence[edit]

Name Origin Variant Number[3] Photo Notes
Self-propelled artillery
AMX 30 AuF1  France 155 mm self-propelled howitzer 32 AMX AuF1, 40e régiment d'artillerie, Implementation Force, 1996.jpg
CAESAR  France 155 mm wheeled self-propelled howitzer 77 (2017) CAESAR (camion équipé d'un système d'artillerie) 1.jpg
M270 MLRS  United States 227mm self-propelled multiple rocket launcher 13 Bastille Day 2015 military parade in Paris 33.jpg
Towed artillery
TRF1  France 155 mm towed howitzer 12 Combined Endeavor 2013, live fire exercise 130917-A-KG432-008.jpg
RTF1  France 120 mm mortar 171 (2017) French MO-120-RT-61 and Véhicule de Tracte Mortier 120 during Operation Desert Shield.JPEG
Mo 81 LLR F1  France 81 mm mortar Mortier 81 LLR 03.jpg
Anti-aircraft artillery
Mistral  France very short-range surface-to-air missile system 221 Bastille Day 2014 Paris - Motorised troops 074.jpg


Name Origin Variant Number Photo Notes
Porteur polyvalent terrestre (PPT)  France
  • PPLOG : Logistic vehicle
  • PPLD : Recovery vehicle
452 (2017) Villabé - 2014-10-23 - IMG 6938.jpg 1600 on order
TRM 10000  France Truck 1,199 (2017) TRM-10000 Citerne 014 FR.JPG
TRM 700-100  France 116 (2017) TRM 700-100 055.JPG
TRM 2000  France Truck TRM-2000 002.JPG
Renault GBC 180  France Truck 5,282 (2017) Renault GBC 180.jpg
Vehicule porte conteneurs maritimes (VPCM)  France
 United Kingdom
8x8 Container carrier 12 VPCM BT120 ETAS.jpg
Camion citerne polyvalent (CCP10)  France
6x6 Tank transporter 461 Quartier Général Sabatier - Véhicule 8.JPG
Camion lourd de depannage routier (CLDR)  France 8x4 recovery vehicle 21 (2017) Renault 400 recovery vehicle (1).jpg


Further information: French Army Light Aviation
Aircraft Origin Type Quantity[12] Photo Notes
Fixed-wing aircraft
Pilatus PC-6   Switzerland Transport & Parachuting 5 No. 891 MCE Pc-6 French Army (3217163443).jpg
SOCATA TBM  France VIP transport & Utility 8 Socata TBM-700, France - Army AN0323263.jpg
Eurocopter Tiger HAP/HAD  Europe Attack helicopter 55 Hélicoptère Tigre sur l'aéroport de Valence-Chauteil.jpg 9 more on order. 40 HAP and 18 HAD. (All HAP will be upgraded to HAD standard)[13][14]
NHIndustries NH90  Europe Transport helicopter 18 P1090348 (15392093132).jpg 2 batches of 34 ordered in May 2013.[15] Six more helicopters were ordered in January 2016, bringing the total number of aircraft on order to 74.[16]
Aérospatiale Puma  France Transport helicopter 77 SA330 Puma - RIAT 2013 (10517596854).jpg
Eurocopter Caracal  France Transport helicopter 8 French Army Cougar helicopter- Afghanistan.jpg Transferred to the Air Force by 2021.
Eurocopter Cougar  France Transport helicopter 26 Eurocopter AS-532UL Cougar, France - Army AN0633007.jpg
Aérospatiale Gazelle  France Reconnaissance helicopter 111 Gazelle SA342M.jpg One lost on 11 January 2013.[17]
Eurocopter Fennec  France Training helicopter 18 Fennec AS555UN 2.jpg
Sperwer  France Reconnaissance 18 SPERWER B P1220856.jpg In service since 2005. Will be replaced from 2018 by the SAGEM Patroller.


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