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Modest class of barge is a series of self-propelled fuel carrier watercraft being built by Modest Infrastructure Ltd in Bhavnagar, Gujarat, for the Indian Navy.


Each vessel in the series have length of 57 meters with beam of 11 meters and have draught of 2.8 meters. They have capacity to carry 500 tons of fuel and have an air conditioned wheel house. The vessels are sea-going and have all of the essential communication and navigation equipment. They have been certified by IRS with Class notation : +SUL + IY., for carriage of oil with flash point above 60 Degree.

External image
Modest class barge
INS Purak induction
Barges in the class -
Name IRS no Date of commission
INS Purak 40323 11-Apr-12
INS Puran 40634


  • Gross weight :731 Tonnes
  • Net weight :220 Tonnes
  • Dead Weight :625.7 Tonnes
  • Displacement :1152.01 Tonnes
  • Light Weight :526.31 Tonnes
  • Overall Length :57.35 Meters
  • Lbp :54.8 Meters
  • Brdth Mlt :11 Meters
  • Draught Max :2.825 Meters
  • Power :1044 KW
  • Aux GEN :2X112KW 415V 50HZ AC
  • Speed :12 Knots


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