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Modheshwarimata (Gujarati: મોઢેશ્વરી) is an aspect of the devi Parvati or Durga. She is the clan deity of the Modh community of Gujarat.

Mythological story[edit]

It is believed that the demon Karnat was creating havoc in the region by disturbing the Brahmins, Vaishyas during their prayers. Seeking protection from the demon, all the saints went to the goddess Parvatimata. On hearing their grievances, she was angry and started throwing fire from her mouth, which gave birth to an aspect of her known as Modheshwarimata. This incarnation of the goddess has eighteen arms, each having a weapon, like trident and dagger.[1]


The goddess is depicted as having eighteen arms, each having a weapon, including a trishula, khaḍga, talwar, kamandala, shankha, gada, pash, danda, damaru.

Clan deity[edit]

She is the clan deity of the Modh community, which consists of three groups: Brahmin Modh Brahmin's, Modh Vaishya and Modh Kshatriya all of whom were residents of the Modheswara region (presently known as Modhera).


Among the ancient temples of Modheswari, one is located at Modhera,[2] which gets its name from the goddess.[3] The temple is located near the ruins of famous Sun Temple, where another original place of worship is situated below the step-well.[3]

Another ancient temple is located at Chanasama in Patan taluka of Gujarat.[2]

There are notable temples of the devi in Ahmedabad, Bharuch, Bhavnagar, Bhuj, Jhabua, Khedbrahma, Sinhore, Tera, Ujjain and Vadodara.[4]


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