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Modoc Ridge and the Upper Klamath Lake with U.S. Route 97 running between them.

Modoc Point is a cliff on the east shore of Upper Klamath Lake, in Klamath County, Oregon, United States, approximately 15 miles north of Klamath Falls on U.S. Route 97.[1] It is part of the larger cliff known as Modoc Rim or Modoc Ridge.[2]

The point is named for the Modoc tribe of Native Americans because it was assigned to them when they moved on to the Klamath Reservation, following a treaty in 1864. This area was then part of the reservation. Captain Jack and his band lived in this area from December 31, 1869, to April 26, 1870.[3] Due to continued harassment by the Klamath, the Modoc left the reservation to return to their traditional territory to the south on the Lost River in present-day California. This was before the Modoc War (1872-1873).[3][4]

Klamath folklore frequently features this location; they called it Kiuti or Muyant. It was also called Nilakla, meaning "dawn" or "sunrise".[3] William G. Steel stated that the point was known as Nilakla, the Klamath word for "dawn" or "sunrise".[3]

Modoc Point was the namesake for a railroad station and post office just north of the point.[3]


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Coordinates: 42°26′20″N 121°51′31″W / 42.439027°N 121.858622°W / 42.439027; -121.858622