Moei River

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Moei River (แม่น้ำเมย)
Thaungyin River, သူမွဲကျိ
Moei River.jpg
Moei River from the Thai border looking at Myanmar
Countries Thailand, Burma
States Tak Province, Mae Hong Son Province
Districts Phop Phra, Mae Sot, Mae Ramat, Tha Song Yang, Sop Moei
 - right Yuam River
City Mae Sot
 - location Thanon Thongchai Range, Tak Province, Thailand
 - coordinates 16°29′5″N 98°51′25″E / 16.48472°N 98.85694°E / 16.48472; 98.85694
Mouth Salween River
 - location Sop Moei, Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand
 - elevation 76 m (249 ft)
 - coordinates 17°47′9″N 97°44′33″E / 17.78583°N 97.74250°E / 17.78583; 97.74250Coordinates: 17°47′9″N 97°44′33″E / 17.78583°N 97.74250°E / 17.78583; 97.74250
Length 327 km (203 mi)

The Moei River (Thai: แม่น้ำเมย, RTGSMaenam Moei, IPA: [mɛ̂ːnáːm mɤːj], S'gaw Karen: သူမွဲကျိ ) is a tributary of the Salween River. Unlike most rivers in Thailand, the Moei River flows north in a northwest direction. It originates in Phop Phra District, Tak Province, flowing then from south to north across Mae Sot, Mae Ramat, and Tha Song Yang Districts, finally entering the Salween River within the limits of Sop Moei District of Mae Hong Son Province. The river is 327 kilometres (203 mi) long.

The Yuam River joins its left bank only 7 kilometres (4 mi) before its confluence with the Salween. Many fish species inhabit its waters, including the giant river catfish.[1]

International border[edit]

The Moei River forms the border between Thailand and Burma.

The river is the scene of clashes between the Tatmadaw and Karen militias.[2] Often Karen people cross the river either in order to enter Thailand as refugees or to go back to Burma.[3]


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