Moggallana I of Anuradhapura

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Moggallana I
King of Anuradhapura
PredecessorKashyapa I
SuccessorKumara Dhatusena
IssueKumara Dhatusena
DynastyHouse of Maurya
MotherQueen Consort of Dhatusena

Moggallāna I was King of Anuradhapura in the 6th century, whose reign lasted from 497 to 515. After defeating his brother Kashyapa I in a civil war, he replaced Kashyapa as King of Anuradhapura, and was succeeded by his son Kumara Dhatusena.

Under his reign there were two schools of Theravāda Buddhism: the Dhammaruci (Joy in the Dhamma), living in the Maha-vihara, and the Sāgali School. The latter school had monks (bhikkhu) as well as nuns (bhikkhuni). Moggallāna I "built a shelter for (them and) called it Rājinī" (Queens [abode]).[1]

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Moggallana I of Anuradhapura
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