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Moggill Ferry, 1928.
Moggill Ferry, 1954.
Moggill Ferry, 2008.

The Moggill Ferry is a cable ferry crossing the Brisbane River between the suburbs of Moggill in Brisbane and Riverview in Ipswich, Queensland Australia. The iconic ferry is owned by Stradbroke Ferries[1] and can carry up to 20 vehicles per crossing.

During floods the ferry is often out of service, forcing motorists to use a dirt road and a narrow single lane bridge across a weir.[2] The ferry is guided across the river by a steel cable which can sometimes lead to boating accidents for the unwary.[3]


A ferry service began operations at the site in 1878 when Cobb & Co coaches provided service between Ipswich and Brisbane.[2]

During the 2010–2011 Queensland floods the ferry broke free from its cable guidelines. The suggestion to sink the wayward ferry was raised during the flood crises until the captain and former skipper managed to secure the vessel to the banks of the Brisbane River with ropes.[1]

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