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Mogo Zoo
Mogo zoo logo.JPG
Mogo Zoo Logo
Date opened 17 November 1991
Location Mogo, New South Wales, AUS
Coordinates 35°47′43″S 150°09′33″E / 35.7954°S 150.1592°E / -35.7954; 150.1592Coordinates: 35°47′43″S 150°09′33″E / 35.7954°S 150.1592°E / -35.7954; 150.1592
No. of animals 221
No. of species 42

Mogo Zoo is a small privately owned zoo in Mogo, on the south coast of New South Wales, Australia. It is a member of ARAZPA and has had success in breeding programs for endangered species, including the snow leopard, cotton-top tamarin, Black-and-white ruffed lemur, red panda, and Sumatran tiger. It is one of only two zoos in Australia that exhibits white lions (the other being the National Zoo and Aquarium in Canberra) . Unlike most small Australian zoos, Mogo Zoo focuses on exotic species. It is owned by Sally Padey.[1] Primate expert Louise Grossfeldt is Manager Life Sciences.

Mogo Zoo exhibits include a small reptile house, a large African savanna, and a series of islands for primate species. The zoo is currently[when?] building an exhibit for a pair of chimpanzees that were not wanted in any other zoos in Australia, an act typical of the zoo's propensity for adopting unwanted animals.[1] Until recently[when?] it held the only kea in any Australian zoo and was also the home of the last red-handed tamarin in Australasia. Other previously held species include the little penguin, cougar, and crab-eating macaque.

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