Mohamed Ali Yousfi

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Mohamed Ali Yousfi

Mohamed Ali Yousfi (Tunisian Arabic: محمد علي اليوسفي‎) (born March 3, 1950 in Béja, Tunisia) is a Tunisian writer and translator.[1]


After obtaining his master's degree in philosophy and social sciences, he completed his postgraduate studies at the Lebanese University.

His first novel, published in 1992, was titled The Time for Elves, and won the prize for best Arabic novel{{Tawkit Al Binka-Al Naked Prize}}). His second novel, Sun Tiles, was published five years later, and won the prize for best novel of Tunisia 1997{{COMAR D'OR Edition 1998}}.



  • Edge of the earth
  • The Night of ancestors
  • A sixth woman for the senses



Novels (in Arabic)[edit]


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