Mohamed Camara (film director)

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Mohamed Camara
Other namesMohamed Kamara
Occupationfilm director, actor
Years active1986–present

Mohamed Camara (born 1959 in Conakry) is a Guinean film director and actor based in France.[1] He studied at the Atelier Blanche Salant in Paris.[2] He has explored controversial topics in his films such as incest (Denko), child suicide (Minka) and homosexuality (Dakan).[3] 1997's Dakan has been called the first film on homosexuality by a Black African.[4]

Camara has won several international awards for his films, including the Grand Jury Award for Outstanding Foreign Narrative Feature at L.A. Outfest for Dakan.[5][6]



Year Film
1988 The House of Smiles
1994 Neuf mois
1997 100% Arabic


Year Film
1993 Denko
1994 Minka
1997 Dakan


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