Mohamed Deq Abdulle

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Mohamed Deq Abdulle
محمد دق عبد الل
BornMaxamed Deeq Cabdulle
Fighting out ofMogadishu
TeamSomalia national Taekwondo team
Years active2000s-present
Occupationtaekwondo practitioner

Mohamed Deq Abdulle (Somali: Maxamed Deeq Cabdulle, Arabic: محمد دق عبد الله‎) is a Somali taekwondo practitioner.


At the 2013 Open World Taekwondo Challenge Cup in Tongeren, Abdulle and Faisal Jeylani Aweys took home fourth place and a silver medal, respectively. The Somali National Olympic committee has devised a special support program for the Somalia national Taekwondo team to ensure continued success in future tournaments.[1]


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