Mohamed Ghoneim

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Mohamed Ghoneim
Born (1939-03-17) 17 March 1939 (age 79)
Mansoura, Egypt
Nationality Egyptian
Alma mater University of Cairo
Known for Founder of the Ghoneim Urology and Nephrology Center
Awards Several National & International Awards
Scientific career
Fields Urology, Medicine Nephrology
Institutions Mansoura University
Influences World leader in kidney transplantation, urology operations
Member of the British and American Urology Associations

Mohamed Ahmed Ghoneim is an Egyptian Urologist.


Ghoneim is a graduate of the University of Cairo. He is one of the founders of the Ghoneim Urology and Nephrology Center for Management of Renal and Urological Disorders (a World Health Organization collaborating centre[1] located in Mansoura, Egypt). He is a member of the International Society of Urology, and a member of both the British and the American Urology Associations. Ghoneim is a world leader in Kidney transplants; general and specialised urology operations; prostate disease; tumours of the genito-urinary system; renal stone removal; urology; endoscopic surgery; laparoscopic surgery; and the correction of congenital anomalies.[2] He is a colleague of Professor Nils Kock, the inventor of the Kock pouch.[3][4]

Gaza War Medical Relief effort[edit]

Ghoniem provided Medical services to war casualties in Gaza during the Gaza War.[5]

Honors and awards[edit]

Ghoneim is the recipient of the Egyptian National Scientific Award, 2001,[6] and was a nominee for the European Urology Society annual award in 2004.[7] He was the winner of the SIU-Félix Guyon Medal (2006).[8] Ghoneim served as annual president of the Endourology Society in 1987.[9]

Scientific publications and papers[edit]


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