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Mohamed Ibrahim Liqliiqato

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Mohamed Ibrahim Liqliqato
6th Speaker of the Parliament of Somalia
In office
26 January 1982 – 1 November 1989
Preceded byIsmail Ali Abokor
Succeeded byHussein Kulmiye Afrah
Personal details
Born1921 (1921)
Kismaayo, Somalia
Died1998 (aged 76–77)

Mohamed Ibrahim Liqliqato (1921, Kismayo, Italian Somaliland – 1998) was a Somali military and political leader, worked as an ambassador, minister, speaker of the Parliament and was prominent figure of Siyad Barre's rule in Somalia.

In 1964, Liqliqato joined the Somali Army. In 1969, the military took over the government and new president Siad Barre appointed Liqliqato as Somali Ambassador to the Soviet Union (1969–1970). From 1970–1974, he served as Ambassador to West Germany. From 1974–1978, Liqliqato served as Minister of Agriculture, and from 1978–1980 as Minister of Domestic and Foreign Trade.[1]


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