Mohamed Jama

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Mohamed Jama
محمد جامع
Born Maxamed Jaamac
Division middleweight
Style Kickboxing, Muay Thai
Stance Orthodox
Fighting out of Netherlands
Team Tooy Gym
Years active 2000s-present
Occupation kickboxer

Mohamed Jama (Somali: Maxamed Jaamac, Arabic: محمد جامع‎‎) is a Somali kickboxer.


Jama is a Class B Thai Boxer fighting on a semi-professional schedule out of Tooy Gym in the Netherlands.[1][2] He participated in the 2009 Kickboxing World Cup, where he won his category before eventually losing the final on points to Daniel Zahra.[1][3]

As of 2010, Jama competes every six weeks at middleweight in K1 or Thai Boxing events.[1][4] He has a record of 27 fights and has won both world and European titles.[1]

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