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Mohamed A Nur
محمد نور
Chairman Somali Community of Tanzania
In office
2012–27 February 2016
Personal details
Born Somalia
Alma mater kenya Utallii College
Religion Islam

Mohamed A Nur (Somali: Maxamed CbBdulaahi Nuur, Arabic: محمد نور‎‎) is a Somali politician. He served as the Chairman Somali Community Tanzania from 2012 to 20 May 2016


Personal life[edit]

Nur was born to a family from the Hawadle sub-clan of the Hawiye.[1]

He was raised in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia. Nur is married to Umulkheir Mohamed, with whom he has no children.


Nur subsequently pursued higher education studies, graduating from the Kenya Utallii College Nairobi

Early career[edit]

Nicknamed "Mr MD" he is founded City Garden Group of companies which is he the Chairman & Managing director consisting of Hospitality, Manufacturing and Aviation Cargo Handling

Vission for Somalia=[edit]

he is family man, well established in business and community affairs with over 20 years experience in business in both corporate and international trade and a firm believer of job creation and investment in Somalia. Currently I am the Chief Executive Officer of City Garden Group of Companies with interests in Aviation Cargo Handling, Manufacturing and Hospitality. he also currently serve as the Chairman of the Somalia Association of Tanzania, a Community Based Association whose objective is to give back and provide free community service to its 25,000 member strong Somali Community in Tanzania. his Road Map for Somalia, outlines specific proposals for transforming our country. you will read closely and join hands in this efforts to build a new Somalia.

he is optimistic about his country’s future, he believes in the almost unlimited potential of the Somali people, their warmth, their ingenuity and their spirit of enterprise. However, our country has been saddled with terrible leadership, Clannism and terrorism that has held it back for too long. Over the last decade other African countries have prospered, yet in Somalia we have had to endure decades of wasted years under poor leadership. Although we have the longest coastline in Africa, our natural resources have not been of benefit to the Somali people. Shockingly nearly 60%% of Somali’s will not live to see their 40th birthday due to poverty.

The Government operates in the interest of a tiny few – while failing to provide even basic services or simple personal security for ordinary Somali’s. The weak and confused response to insurgency has made it clear to any that doubted it that Somali government does not work. he believe it is time for a new direction, it is time to restore sanity to our government, time to restore honesty to our politics. he has a new vision for Somali – of a prosperous, modern country where every citizen can live their life free from fear of poverty and safe in their own homes. That new vision is based on providing a new Government that is willing to both tackle the problems our country faces and seize the opportunities. A new government that will bring a simple solving approach to doing its work not endless excuses. That work will be based on four road map visions –

Good Governance – Good Governance, National Unity, Economic Production, Development And Rebuilding The Nation Economy – To speed up sustainable economic Development Through Increased Direct Investment. Justice – To Build A Great Nation Where Its People Respect The Rule Of Law, Human Rights And Justice For All Social Wellbeing - An Educated, Healthy And Wealthy Somali Citizen Through our road map for Somalia we have already shown we can deliver real change – now, with your help we want to bring that promise of delivery to the Government.

Many of our Somali’s problems are easy to see – and many of the solutions to them are simple commonsense. Our strategy is simple but bold – our government will start with the basics of what is wrong in our country. he will put an end to the pervasive corruption that grips our public life, increasing investment in infrastructure and public services – and above all kick- start the real economy to create new jobs a year to end the endemic poverty that scars our country. Building a modern economy and diversifying our economy to maximize on our strength. he know this can be done because Somalis have many advantages, not least our immense natural wealth and the ingenuity and enterprise of our people.

In government we will effectively harness our natural wealth and put Somalia back to work creating jobs in public work programmes to rebuild our neglected infrastructure – our roads, power generation and housing. In turn, that new infrastructure will help drive growth in value-added sectors specifically manufacturing & agriculture. Those new industries will then create millions of long-term well paid jobs – as well as being the funding source to provide proper services such as healthcare, education and welfare.

It is an ambitious vision; that will require hard work and discipline to achieve, but he is convinced that acting together Somali’s can deliver it because we are not promising heaven on earth, just a country and a government that works. That is why he called Road ‘’Map to The Future of Somalia!’’. A New, Honest Contract with people Somalia. The challenge therefore facing all of us as Somalis is whether there is enough will and courage amongst us as citizens to unite, commit and resolve to radically reforming, modernizing and moving our nation forward – not looking backward to the failed policies and practices of the past. It is no longer a question of choice but that of will and courage!

This political road map sets out our side of the bargain: what Mohammed Nur wants to do to change Somalia. he understand we cannot do it on our own, we know we need the active participation of our great people. Below we outline our key four road map pledges for a better Somalia, which will deliver by the end of our first term in office. They form a new, honest Contract with Somalia, so that you will know that we will be focused on the development of our most important asset – you, the Somali people.

During our first term in office his government he will create:

Jobs Jobs Jobs - Create new jobs a year through public works programmes and shifting the economy towards value-added production

Security – Employ an extra police officers and establish a properly trained and equipped Anti-Terrorism Agency and destroy Alshabab – increase the pay of all 5 security personnel.

Corruption - Adopt a Zero-Tolerance approach to corruption – routing out dishonest public servants and imposing tough sanctions including jail sentences

Youth - Rebuild and renovate old government university and provide free education in university level

Education – Rebuild and renovate old government primary and secondary schools, and provide free education for primary and secondary level.

Health–build a network of local health clinics providing free services and drugs for the people.

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