Mohamed Nuur Giriig

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Mohamed Nuur Giriig
محمد نور غيريغ
Birth nameMaxamed Nuur Giriig
Berbera, Somalia
Hargeisa, Somalia
GenresSomali music
Years active1960s-1990s

Mohamed Nuur Giriig (Somali: Maxamed Nuur Giriig, Arabic: محمد نور غيريغ‎) (1935–2002) was a Somali singer, specializing in traditional Somali music.


Giriig was born in 1935 in Berbera, Somalia to a Warsangali Darod family, originally from Las Khorey on the Maakhir Coast.

In 1954, he was among a group of auditioners, from which he was selected to join a troupe of Oud singers. Giriig's musical career began after that, which was marked by a number of hit songs. Most of the latter were recorded during the Somali music scene's Golden Age in the 1960s.

Giriig died in Hargeisa on January 17, 2002.


Some of Giriig's all-time classic songs include:

  • Timahaaga Dheeree
  • Suleikha
  • Dayaha I Dhibay Halay
  • Maahee Khadraay
  • Boodhari Sidiisii
  • Wacad
  • Gamaayeey
  • Soomar

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