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Mohamed Saïd Ouma is a film director and screenwriter who has been responsible for production and a programming assistant for the International African Film Festival of Africa and the Islands (FIFAI) in the city of Port à l'Ile in Réunion Island since 2004. Before that he worked as a journalist in England for several years.[1] FIFAI is organized by Alain Gili and Mohamed Said Ouma. The festival honors productions that are often ignored on the African continent, and also honors works made in the islands.[2]

His 2007 documentary film Le Mythe de la cinquième île (The myth of the fifth island) explores how an immigrant from the Comoros islands adjusts to living in Coldharbour Lane in Brixton, London with men from Croatia and Sicily, girls from Spain and Norway.[3] The short sequel, Matso, épilogue du mythe de la cinquième île is a political documentary about illegal migration between the Comoros Island and Mayotte.[4]


Year Title !Type Length Role Notes
2007 Le mythe de la cinquième île documentary 56 mins Director Production : Les films façon façon
2007 Matso, épilogue du mythe de la cinquième île Documentary 5 mins Director Production : Les films façon façon
2006 Les mariés de l'Isle Bourbon Téléfilm 2x90 mins Script from Euzhan Palcy Production : Exilènes films &France 3
2005 Stealing a nation Documentary 52 minutes Translation to French version from John Pilger Production : ITN &Imago Production
2002 De la visibilité Documentary 12 minutes Director Production : Collectif B.I.Z
1999 Je rap donc je suis de Philipes Roizes Documentary 76 minutes Assistant Director Production : Arte France&Panoptique
1997 Aktuel Force Documentary 26 minutes Director Production :Sp 35


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