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Mohammadzai (Pashto: محمد زی‎) (meaning sons of Muhammad in Pashto language) is a branch of the Pashtun Barakzai tribe (of Afghanistans Durrani confederacy). Primarily centered around Kandahar, Kabul and Ghazni, the Mohammadzai ruled Afghanistan from 1826 to 1973 when the monarchy finally ended under Mohammad Zahir Shah. The Mohammadzai ruling house of the Barakzai dynasty was established by Dost Mohammad Khan after the Durrani dynasty of Ahmad Shah Durrani was removed from power.


Mohammadzai were the most prominent & powerful sub-tribe of Barakzai, they belong to the Zirak branch of the Durrani confederacy, and are primarily centered on Kandahar. They can also be found in other provinces throughout Afghanistan as well as across the border in Balochistan Province.[1]

The Tarzi family is a branch of the Mohammadzai of Afghanistan. Although a smaller branch of the Barakzai ruling dynasty, the Tarzi family has produced some of the most famous and affluent members. The founder of Tarzi family was Ghulam Muhammad Tarzi.[1]

History of Afghanistan principal ruling families. The figure shows the splitting of the Zirak line into the Popalzai, Alakozai, Achakzai and Barakzai branches.


Barakzai Mohammadzai's usually have the southern dialect of Pashto, however there are many Mohammadzai's who speak Dari as a first (or second language), especially those whom live around Persian speaking non-Pashtun Afghans.


From 1826 to 1978, most rulers of Afghanistan belonged to the two branches of one Barakzai dynasty descending from the chiefs of the Barakzai tribe (belonging to the Mohammadzai sub-tribe).[2]

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