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Mohammad Ali Eslami Nodooshan (b. 1925, Nadushan, Yazd province[1]) (Persian: محمدعلی اسلامی ندوشن‎‎) is an Iranian literary critic, translator and poet, and one of the most celebrated contemporary writers on culture and literature in Iran.


After graduating from high school in Yazd and receiving his BS in Law in Teheran, he set off for France to continue his legal studies and to take his MS and PhD. Afterwards he returned to Iran and began teaching Literature and Law at the University of Tehran.


Dr. Nodooshan is the author of about 45 books on culture, society and literature. His versatile writings often reach over themes from "Morality and Literature" to "Dialogue Among Civilizations".

His works include:

  • Don’t we forget Iran (ايران را از ياد نبريم)
  • Good traits of Human Rights in South countries, a reassessment (ذکر مناقب حقوق بشر در جهان سوم)
  • The Stories’ Story, On Rostam and Isfandiar in Shahnameh (داستان داستان ها، رستم و اسفندیار در شاهنامه)
  • Life, élan and decease of the chivalrous in Shahnameh (زندگی و مرگ پهلوانان در شاهنامه)

He has given lectures at 40 universities in over 20 countries, including Canada,[2] all are published in both English and French. He recently published his autobiography, an unorthodox event in Persian writing. It is also believed that Nadooshan's travel accounts brought this genre back to life in Persian literature, namely his "Siren of Phoenix"—logs of journeys to various countries—and "Liberty of Statue"—from travels to the United States.

He remains active after his retirement from academic life, and has founded the Ferdowsi cultural centre (Farhangsara-ye-Ferdosi) and the quarterly "Hasti" (Universe, Being) (1993).


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