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Mohammad-Reza Foroutan (Persian: محمد رضا فروتن‎‎, born December 28, 1968 in Tehran, Iran) is an Iranian actor. He graduated with a master's degree in clinical psychology from Azad University and now is a Ph.D candidate of Health Psychology. He has passed some free courses in acting. His first film was Goal. After some minor roles his performance in an episode of TV series "The Clue" revealed his capabilities and Masoud Kimiay chose him for the leading role of Mercedes. He has been acting as actor for more than two decades and received several awards including best male actor award for acting in Germez 1999 Fajr International Film Festival and best male actor award for acting in Be Ahestegi Fajr International Film Festival 2005. His concentration as a Psychological Therapist has been noted in the community.

His successful performance as a disappointed and isolated youth in the film brought him about such a role in other films. His stern, sullen and cold face led him to play the role of a quarrelsome and nervous man. The inner and natural performance is part of his characteristic features. As one of the young and popular figures in Iranian cinema, Foroutan was awarded Crystal Simorgh for Ghermez (film) | Red (1998, Jeirani).

Some of his works:

  • 1994, Goal
  • 1994, Akharin Bandar (The Last Port)
  • Winner
  • 1995, The Moon and the Sun
  • 1998, Mercedes
  • 1998, Ghermez (Red)
  • 1999, Do Zan (Two Women)
  • 1999, Faryad (Cry)
  • 2000, Eteraz (Protest)
  • Shab-e Yalda (The Yalda Night)
  • 2001, Zir-e poost-e shahr (Under the Skin of the City)
  • 2001, Motevalede mahe mehr (Born Under Libra)
  • 2001, Dance with Dream
  • 2003, Molaghat ba tooti (Meet the Parrot)
  • 2004, Sarbaz-haye jome (Friday's Soldiers)
  • 2005, Hashtpa
  • 2005, Nok-e borj (Top of the Tower)
  • 2006, Vaghti hame khab boodand
  • 2006, Khak-e sard
  • 2006, Be ahestegi (Gradually)
  • 2006, Bazande
  • 2007, The Night Bus
  • 2007, Zan-e Dovom (Second Woman)
  • 2008, Canaan
  • 2008, Davat (Zeynaal)
  • 2014, Tales


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