Mohammad-Reza Honarmand

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Mohammad Reza Honarmand
Mohammad Reza Honarmand.jpg
Born محمدرضا هنرمند
1955 (age 61–62)
Tehran, Iran
Occupation Director, producer, screenwriter
Years active 1982–present

Mohammad Reza Honarmand (Persian: محمدرضا هنرمند ‎‎, born 1955 in Tehran) is an Iranian film director, screenwriter and producer.

Directing in Cinema[edit]

Honarmand has directed films in various genres . In dozd-e arousak-ha, Mohammad Reza Honarmand experienced a film with an attractive content that was for children.
In 1994 he made a war film named didar. Mehran Modiri (the most famous comedy director in Iran) acted his first cinema role there. Since then, Honarmand came to comedy films. mard-e avazi and moomiyaee 3 are two comedy films by him.
Mard-e avazi (Starring Parviz Parastui) became a successful film among the people of Iran in its own times.

Activities in TV[edit]

Mohammad Reza Honarmand is also active in TV . His comedy-political TV series (Cactus) was praised by Iraninian critics.
Zir-e tigh is the name of Honarmand's last work that is titled a masterpiece after its attendance in Rome television programs festival. In this festival, Mohammad Reza Honarmand won the award of the best director for TV programs for his masterpiece, Zir-e tigh .[1]

Filmography as Director[edit]


  • 1982: marg-e digari (in English : Another Death)
  • 1984: gourkan (The Badger)
  • 1985: zang-ha (The Bells)
  • 1987: radd-e pa-yi bar shen (Footprint on the Sand)
  • 1989: dozd-e arousak-ha (Dolls Thief)
  • 1994: didar (The Visit)
  • 1999: mard-e avazi (The Wrong Man)
  • 2000: moomiyaee 3 (Mummy III)
  • 2002: azizam man kook nistam (Honey, I am not winded)

TV Series[edit]


  1. ^ An Iranian Director Won the Best Director of TV Programs Award International Rome TV Programs Festival.July 19, 2007

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