Mohammad-Taqi Ja'fari

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Mohammad-Taqi Ja'fari
محمدتقی جعفری
Məhəmməd Təği Cəfəri.jpg
Allameh Mohammad-Taqi Ja'fari
Religion Shia Islam (Usuli Twelver)
Other names Persian: محمدتقی جعفری‎‎
Born 1923
Tabriz, Iran originaly:Varzeqan
Died 1998
Senior posting
Title Allameh
Religious career
Website The Ostad Jafari Institute

Allameh Mohammad-Taqi Ja'fari (Persian: علامه محمد تقی جعفری‎‎) was an Iranian scholar, philosopher, intellectual, and islamic theologist. Ja'fari was a Shia philosopher and thinker in the recent time. He was expert in various fields such as history, logic, metaphysics, philosophy, literature, mysticism, jurisprudence, and philosophy of science.[1]


Mohammad-Taki Ja'fari was born on 1923 in Tabriz, Iran. He graduated from elementary studies in Tabriz and continued his education in the Talebieh Seminary. Mohammad-Taghi then went to Qom and Tehran Seminaries for benefiting from religious scholars of the time. Thereafter that he left Iran for 11 years to attendt to School of Theology in Najaf. He achieved his Ijtihad degree when he was 23 years old. Ja'fari returned to Iran and was teaching in Qom and Tehran.[2][3]


  • Interpretation and Criticism of Rumi's Masnavi (15 volumes)
  • Translation and Interpretation of the Nahj al-Balagha (27 volumes)
  • Pioneer Culture to the Rescue of Mankind
  • The Mystery of Life
  • The Conscience
  • Positive Mysticism
  • Imam Hossein's Prayers at the Arafat Desert (Arabic)
  • The Coordination between Science & Religion (Arabic)
  • The Conscience
  • Religion and Moral Ethics
  • Mabda' A'ala
  • From One Sea to Another (An Index to the Mathnavi, 4 volumes)
  • Three Poets – Hafiz, Sa'di and Nizami
  • An Analysis of Khayyam's Personality
  • An Interpretation, Review and Analysis of Rumi's Mathnavi
  • Rumi and Ideologies
  • What Makes Rumi's Words So Fascinating
  • The Relationship between Man and the Universe
  • Ideals of Life and the Ideal Life
  • The Philosophy and Aim of Life
  • Man and Creation
  • Man in Elevating, Evolution Life
  • Man Seen in the Koran
  • Motion and change as seen in the koran
  • A Study and Critique of David Hume's Thoughts on Four Philosophical Issues
  • A Study and Critique of the Russell-Wyatt Dialog
  • A Study and Critique of Selected Thoughts of Bertrand Russell
  • A Study and Critique of The Adventures of Ideas
  • Human Rights from Islamic and Western Viewpoints
  • Islam's Political Philosophy
  • Mysticism and Gnostics
  • Positive Mysticism
  • A Legal and Jurisprudential Study of the Human Genome Project
  • Speculative (Systematic) Theology and Its Modern Forms
  • Fatalism and Free Will
  • The Philosophy of Religion
  • Jurisprudential Sources
  • Al-reza'a
  • Worship and Wisdom in Islamic Jurisprudence
  • Ta'avon –uddin val-elm
  • Nahayat-ol-edrak al-vaqe'ee bain-ol-phalsafat-ol-qadima va al-hadisa
  • A Study of the Philosophy of Science
  • Science and Religion in Reasonable Life
  • Recognition and Knowledge Seen in Science and the Koran
  • Al-amr Bain-ol-amrain
  • Fatalism and Free Will
  • The Philosophy of Religion
  • Imam Hossein's Prayers at the Arafat Desert
  • Imam Hossein, the Martyr of Human Pioneer Culture
  • A Complete Translation of the Nahj-ol-balaqeh
  • The Exploration of Thoughts (2 volumes)
  • In Presence of Wisdom
  • Reasonable Life
  • A Compilation of Articles
  • The Message of Wisdom
  • Pioneer Culture to the Rescue of Mankind
  • The Mystery of Life
  • A Plan for Cultural Revolution


Mohammad-Taqi Ja'fari died on 16 November 1998 in England(London),Was buried in Mashhad(Iran),In the vicinity of Imam Reza.[4]


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