Mohammad Agha District

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Mohammad Agha District
دمحمدآغی ولسوالی
An aerial view of Mohammad Agha District, Logar Province
An aerial view of Mohammad Agha District, Logar Province
Mohammad Agha District is located in Afghanistan
Mohammad Agha District
Mohammad Agha District
Location in Afghanistan
Coordinates: 34°10′36″N 69°13′16″E / 34.17667°N 69.22111°E / 34.17667; 69.22111Coordinates: 34°10′36″N 69°13′16″E / 34.17667°N 69.22111°E / 34.17667; 69.22111
Country  Afghanistan
Province Logar Province
District Mohammad Agha District
Population (1990)
 • Total 57,690

Mohammad Agha District (Pashto: د محمد اغه ولسوالی‎) (Persian: ولسوالی محمد آغه‎‎) is a district of Logar Province, Afghanistan. It lies next to Kabul Province. The district capital is Mohammad Agha.


Mohammad Agha district is located in the north part of Logar Province, 35 km from Kabul City or one hour drive, at an altitude of 1,875 mt.

The District consists of 17 Zones ( Zarghun Shar, Deh Naw, Moghol Khail, Qala Shekhak, Qala Ahmad Zai, Mohammad Agha, Kotubkhel, Gomaran, Safed Sang, Abbazak, Surkh Abad, Dewalak, Surkhab, Burg, Abparan, Dashtak and Karezes), 8 main villages and 15 sub-villages.


Ethnic Pashtuns form about 60% of the district's population with the remaining 40% being Tajiks.[1] It may seem that the Tajik population is more because many of the Pashtuns use Persian as a lingua franca, the native language of Tajiks. In addition to this, many Pashtuns and Tajiks marry one another so that makes it more difficult to know the precise size of each ethnic group. Pashtuns live mainly in the small villages of Gomaran, Burg, Qala Ahmad Zai, Kotubkhel, Surkhab, Abparan, Abbazak, Moghul Khail, Safed Sang, and Zarghoon Shar while Tajiks are present mainly in large villages of Zarghoon Shar, Deh Now, Zayed Abad, and Mohammad Agha.


Zarghun Shar is the largest village with 80% male educated and 40% female educated. The famous high schools are Zarghun Shar High School, Mohammad Agha High School, Deh Naw High School Emal Khan Baba High School All the government schools in the district are taught in the Pashto language primarily with a subject in Persian. It has been this way for decades since the majority of the population are Pashtuns. The private schools now that are being built in the province vary in the main language taught.

Famous People from this District are Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai from Surkhab Economy Doctor, Ghulam Mustafa Qahraman (The Legend Ghulam Mustafa) Pilot from Zarghun Shar.

Political issues and security[edit]

From left to right: Atiqullah Ludin, Gover of Logar province; and property village is pacha saheb Deputy U.S. Ambassador Earl Anthony Wayne; Hammid, the district governor of Mohammad Agha.

Mohammad Agha has been severely affected by conflict, mainly during the 1980s Soviet war in Afghanistan. Around 85% of its houses have been destroyed and a large-scale displacement took place. Many refugees returned at the beginning of the 1990s, but were again displaced by the fighting between the Mujaheddin and later on between the Taliban and the Jamiat Party.

In November 2009 a bomb facilitator was captured by ISAF team in Qal' eh-ye Shayhee along with several other suspected militants.[2]

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