Mohammad Al-Ali

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Muhammad Al-Ali
محمد العلي
Saad Khadr from left and right Mohammad Al-Ali in 1979 in Saudi Arabia.jpg
Saad Khader from left and right Mohammad Al-Ali in 1979.
Born Mohammed Ali Al-Salem
July 17, 1949
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Died January 3, 2002(2002-01-03) (aged 52)
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Occupation Actor
Years active 1965-2002

Mohammad Al-Ali (Arabic: محمد العلي‎‎;, July 17, 1949 - January 3, 2002).[1] was one of Saudi's most famous actors . a great comedian, he is considered as one of the greatest Arabian actors, He was known for his roles in comedy and Tragedy.


He started his career in 1965 in Play called "Al-Mozifon" (English: Fakes), his Career ended in 2001 in series called "Tam Al-Ayam (English: taste of days) on Saudi TV .


Al-Ali was born Abdullah bin Ali Al Salem in Riyadh on July 17, 1949. his first study in Saudi Arabia then moved to Damascus and Cairo.,[2] he returned to Riyadh in 1962-1965 Where he joined the Saudi television before studying Electronic Engineering in the United Kingdom for four years until 1970. at the same years he work as English announcer in Saudi Arabian Airlines, Al-Ali married and has a three boys.

Al-Ali died from respiratory disease on January 3, 2002.,[3]

Some acting works[edit]


  • Gadan tasraq Al- Samas (English: Tomorrow the sun shines)
  • hikyah mathal (English: Story such as)
  • Ayam la tunsa (English: Unforgettable Days) in 1974
  • Awdat Aswayd (English: Back Asoid) 1985


Al-Mozifon (English: Fakes) Tahat Al-Karsi (English: Under the chairs) with Rashid Al Shamrani, Nasir Al-Gasabi, Abdul-Allah Al-Sadhan.

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