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Mohammad Bahareth
(محمد باحارث born October 24, 1985) is a Saudi Author and speaker.[1] He is known for TEDx Talk about Dyslexia which he is diagnosed with, as well as the contemporary mystery novel series "Sherlock Holmes in 2012".[2][3][4]


He began to write his first novel in Arabic in 2002, although he did not publish any books until 2010. He was one of the First Youtubers in Saudi Arabia to adopt social media instead of regular media.[5] Bahareth began writing articles in Medina Newspaper back in 2004 in the readers digest, he then started writing in the Makkah Newspaper.[6] Bahareth has also written for CNN Arabic and Huffington Post.[7][8][9]

Published works[edit]

  • Sherlock Holmes in 2012: Lord of Darkness Rising[10]
  • Lord of Darkness Rising
  • Count down to Doomsday[11]
  • We Hate Google: Find Out What Google Is Hiding !!![12]
  • Micronations: For Those Who Are Tired of Existing Incompetent Governments

Published Arabic Books[edit]

  • 101 Hadrami Rules of Trade, ISBN 9876030253882  Published by Sibawayh Publishing House[13]
  • 101 Act when i become a Minister , ISBN  9786030248186  Published by Sibawayh Publishing House
  • 33 Laws to live your life happy and grateful , ISBN  9786030248179  Published by Sibawayh Publishing House
  • My Law of Attraction Experience , ISBN  9786030236312  Published by Sibawayh Publishing House
  • New Policies in U.S.A. World Relations under President Donald Trump , ISBN  9786030268947  Published by Sibawayh Publishing House


On 25 September, 2018 Ola Al-Fares was invited to the Saudi embassy in Jordan to mark the celebration of Saudi National Day, but Bahareth criticized the decision for inviting a foreign personality when it had personalities of Saudi descent.[14] The incident was widely published in the media.[15][16]


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