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Mohammad Shirvani in an interview at his Apartment, Tehran.

Mohammad Shirvani is an Iranian alternative filmmaker. He was born in 1973 in Tehran, Iran. In 1998 He escaped from the military service to make his first short film “The circle”. In 1999 “The Circle” was selected for Critics' Week International Cannes festival. Being selected by Cannes Festival made a great impact on the young director and since then he has become a full time filmmaker. He has never limited his professional career and has made movies in every form including experimentals, documentaries, short films and feature films. His films have been screened in more than 400 international festivals and events. His last international award is the Golden Tiger Awards for Best Feature Film for “Fat Shaker” in Rotterdam, 2013.

His third feature film will be released in January 2021


Short Films[edit]

Title Time Format Year
The Circle 12 MIN 35MM 1999
The Candidate 15 MIN DV-35MM 2000
To Consent 20 MIN DV 2001
Souvenir 20 MIN DV 2001
The Cherries Which Were Canned 13 MIN 35MM 2002
Iranian Conserve 14 MIN DV 2003
The Calm City 2 MIN DV 2005
Six Eyes 23 MIN DV 2014
Tight Skin of the Ambiance 15 MIN IPHONE 4 2014

Documentary Films[edit]

Title Time Format Year
Peresident Mir Qanbar 65 MIN DV 2005
Where 's Leili 73 MIN DV 2006
444Days 57 MIN HDV 2007
Seven Blind Woman Filmmakers 106 MIN DV 2004-2008
Iranian Cookbook 73 MIN DV 2009
021,Tehran 51 MIN HDV 2010
Telescope 78 MIN HD 2011

Video Art[edit]

Title Time Format Year
The Calm City 2 MIN DV 2005
Khayyam 5 MIN HB 2008
Unit Further Notice 184 MIN HDV 2008
Six Eyes 23 MIN HD 2014

Feature Films[edit]

Title Time Format Year
Navel 82 MIN DV-35MM 2002
Fat Shaker 84 MIN HD 2013

Performance Art[edit]

Title location Year
Open Tehran 2011
Face of the Winner man Tehran 2012
Phoenix, Lake Urmia or Iranian Independent Cinema Urmia 2017

Installation Art[edit]

Title location Year
Elephant in the Darkness Rotterdam 2013


  • The Circle, Best Short Film - Fajr IFF - Tehran- 1999
  • The Circle, Selected for Critics' Week International -Cannes IFF, France- 1999
  • The Candidate, Grand Prize - Marseilles IDFF, 2000
  • Iranian Conserve, Best Short Film - Cinema Tout Ecran IFF, Geneva - 2004
  • Iranian Conserve,Jury Prize - Cracow IFF, Poland - 2005
  • Navel,Grand Prize - Split IFF, Croatia - 2004
  • President Mir Qanbar, Award of Excellence - Yamagata - IDFF, 2005
  • President Mir Qanbar, Magnolia Award for Best Social Documentary - Shanghai TV IFF, 2006
  • Iranian Cookbook, Best Experimental Documentary Film - Cinema Verite IDFF, Tehran - 2010
  • Iranian Cookbook, Best Film of Audience Award . Yamagata IDFF, 2011
  • Iranian Cookbook, Japan Community Cinema Center Award - Yamagata IDFF, 2011
  • Fat Shaker, Tiger Award for The Best Film - Rotterdam IFF, 2013

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