Mohammad Taqi Baraghani

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Mohammad Taqi Baraghani (Persian: ملا محمدتقی برغانی‎‎, Arabic: محمد تقي البرغاني‎‎) (died 1847), was a top prominent Shi'a cleric in Qajar Persia. Baraghani is known for being the first cleric to declare Takfir against Shaykh Ahmad al-Ahsá'í, the founder of the Shaykhi school, and subsequently became the leading opponent of Shaykhism in the Qajari Iran. Besides being an opponent for Shaykhís, Baraghani was also one of the most pestiferous opponents of Babis, which finally led to his murder in the mosque he had built in Qazvin.[1]


His best-known work is Majālis Al-Mottaqīn on the sufferings of the imams.[2] His brother, Muhammad Salih Baraghani, wrote numerous works on this theme.[1]


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