Mohammed Abdullah al-Senussi

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Mohammed Abdullah Sensussi
Personal details
Born Tripoli, Libya
Died 29 August 2011(2011-08-29) [1]
Near Tarhuna, Libya [2]

Mohammed Abdullah Senussi was the son of former Libyan Intelligence chief Abdullah Senussi.[3]

On 29 August 2011, he and his cousin Khamis Gaddafi, were killed by a National Transitional Council technical.


He and Khamis had been commanding Pro-Gaddafi forces in the 2011 Libyan civil war,[4] especially Khamis, who commanded the Khamis Brigade. Senussi had been escaping with a convoy after victorious anti-Gaddafi forces seized control of the capital of Libya, Tripoli, after a battle with Gaddafi Loyalists for the city in August.[5]

When the convoy neared the city of Tarhuna, they clashed with NTC fighters resulting in the deaths of both Mohammed Senussi and Khamis Gaddafi. This was initially denied by Gaddafi loyalists. However, on 15 October a Syrian Pro-Gaddafi TV station that has been broadcasting audio messages from Gaddafi and his spokesman since Tripoli was overrun by NTC forces in August, confirmed their deaths, posting pictures of Khamis and Senussi and broadcast verses of the Qur’an saying that "they died fighting enemies of their homeland."[6]