Mohammed Al-Assa

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Mohammed Al-Assa
محمد العيسى
Mohammed Al-Issa.jpg
Born1971 (age 47–48)

Mohammed Al-Assa (Arabic: محمد العيسى‎; born in 1971) is a well-known Saudi Arabian actor who started his acting career in the late 1990s. He has acted along with Nasir Al-Gasabi and Abdullah Al-Sadhan, he is mostly known for his various roles in the Saudi comedy Aailt Abu Rowaishd (English: Abu Rowaishd's family) and Tash ma Tash.


Mohammed was born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 1971. After graduating from high school, he worked as host in Saudi Arabian Airlines for seven years, then he started his artistic career in late 1990s. Al-assa is married and has a daughter.

Acting works[edit]

  • Bayat Abo Al-asie (English: abo al-ase's house)
  • lwaham (English: Illusion)
  • Tash ma Tash
  • Aailt Abu Rowaishd (English: Abu Rowaishd's family)
  • Alawalmah (English: Globalization)
  • Boyot mn thalg (English: Houses of snow)
  • akab
  • Asa Ma Sar (English: Perhaps the evil)
  • Akwani wa Kwati (English: Brothers and sisters)
  • Al-Kadm Al-Garib (English: The next odd)