Mohammed Allal Sinaceur

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Mohammed Allal Sinaceur
Born 1941
Oujda, Morocco
Nationality Moroccan

Mohammed Allal Sinaceur (born 1941) is a Moroccan philosopher, politician and writer. He was the Moroccan Minister for Cultural Affairs.


Sinaceur was born in eastern Morocco at Oujda in 1941.[1] He is a member of a well connected Moroccan family. His brother Mohamed Habib Sinaceur, a politician, died in 2000. One of his brothers is a General and another, Jamal Eddine Sinaceur, is a diplomat. He was the Moroccan Minister for Cultural Affairs in 1994.[2]

He writes on philosophy and Islamic issues for UNESCO and some of his works have been translated into over 30 languages. He is called to expert meetings on Education.[3]


He has been writing since at least 1977.[4]

His works include[5]

  • Aristote aujourd'hui : études réunies ... à l'occasion du 2300e anniversaire de la mort du philosophe, 1988 in French
  • Cours de philosophie positive, with Auguste Comte, Ed, 1998 in French
  • The Hassan II mosque, with Philippe Ploqui


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