Mohammed El Moustaoui

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Mohamed El Moustaoui is a Moroccan, Berber poet and songwriter. He was one of the first modern writers to write in Tamazight.[1]

He was born in 1943 in Mekzert, a village in Souss. He studied in Taroudannt and Marrakech.


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  • Chains (Iskraf) in 1976;
  • Laughter and cying (Tadsa d imttawen) in 1979;
  • Dancing scene (asays) in 1988;
  • The waves (taddangiwin) in 1998;
  • The old have said (nnan willi zrinin) 1980;
  • Abouch in parliament in 1983;
  • Lights (tifawin ) in 1985;
  • Testimonies and poem of fire rrays El Haj Mohamed Albensir in 1998;
  • Rrays El Haj Belaid : his life in a few poems in 1996;
  • Poems of rrays Said Achtouk (the poet Said Achtouk, (-1989)) (published in collaboration with Ahmed Assid ) in 1998.