Mohammed Helmy

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Mohammed Helmy
Mohammed Helmy

Died1982 (aged 80–81)
EmployerRobert Koch Institute
Known forSaving lives of Jews during World War II
Home townKhartoum, Anglo-Egyptian Sudan
AwardsRighteous Among the Nations
Grave of Egyptian physician Mod Helmy in Friedhof Heerstraße in Berlin-Westend

Dr Mohammed Helmy (Arabic: محمد حلمي‎, Hebrew: מוחמד חילמי‎; July 25, 1901, Khartoum - January 10, 1982, Berlin) was an Egyptian doctor who saved several Jews from Nazi persecution in Berlin during the Holocaust. He has been recognized as Righteous Among the Nations by Yad Vashem.[1] He was the first Arab to be recognized as such.[2] Relatives of Helmy were sought by Yad Vashem to present them with the honour awarded to Helmy; they were, however, not interested in accepting the award, citing hostile relations between Israel and Egypt.[3] Eventually, four years after he was recognized as the first Arab Righteous Among the Nations, film director Taliya Finkel who made a movie about Helmy, located the son of his nephew, Nasser Kotby.[4] Kotbi agreed to receive the certificate from the Israeli ambassador to Berlin, but at a ceremony in the German Foreign Ministry,[5] not in the Israeli Embassy, due to the family's difficulty in receiving the honor directly from an Israeli institution.[6][7]

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