Mohammed Rashad Abdulle

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Mohammed Rashad Abdulle
Born c. 1933
Laga Arba, Ethiopia
Died May 25, 2013 (aged 79)
Dire Dawa, Ethiopia
Nationality Ethiopian
Occupation scholar
Title Sheikh

Sheikh Mohammed Rashad Abdulle (c. 1933 – May 25, 2013) was an Oromo scholar. His works include a translation of the Qur'an into the Oromo language.


Sheikh Mohammed Rashad was born at Laga Arba village near the town of Gelemso, the son of Kabir Abdulle Kabir Mummaya and Amina Bakar. He learned Qur'an from his father and traveled extensively within the province of Hararghe to acquire further knowledge. His teachers included Sheikh Mohammed Rashid Bilal,Sheikh Hassan Anano, Sheikh Abdullah al-Harari and Sheikh Bakri Sapalo.[1] Sheik Mohammed Rashad Abdulle died at age 79 on May 25, 2013 in Dire Dawa.[2]


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