Mohammed Rateb al-Nabulsi

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Mohammed Rateb al-Nabulsi

Mohammed Rateb Al-Nabulsi
Mohammed Rateb al-Nabulsi
Native name
محمد راتب النابلسي
Born (1939-01-29) 29 January 1939 (age 80)
Damascus, Syria
EducationMaster's degree in Arabic arts, University of Lyon.
Doctorate degree in education, University of Dublin, 1999
Known forHis books, I'jaz lectures

Mohammed Rateb Al-Nabulsi (Arabic: محمد راتب النابلسي‎) (born 29 January 1938) is a Syrian writer & Professor, and Muslim scholar, and Co-founder & manager (Nabulsi Encyclopedia of Islamic Science).[1] He was a professor at Damascus University. He was living in Syria but after the Syrian Revolution started in 2011 he went to Jordan.[2]


He was raised in Damascus and studied in its schools. After he graduated from high school, he started studying at the faculty of Arts in Damascus University to study Arabic language, he graduated in 1964 with Licentiate degree . In 1966 he got a diploma in Educational qualification. Then he got a master's degree in Arabic arts from University of Lyon . And got Doctorate degree in Education from University of Dublin , in 1999.[3]


He wrote dozens of books, such as:[4]

Books translated from Arabic to English[edit]

  • Reviews in Islam, (Arabic: نظرات في الإسلام‎) .
  • Reflections on Islam, (Arabic: تأملات في الإسلام‎) .
  • Bright words and productive meetings with Al Shaarawy, (Arabic: كلمات مضيئة ولقاءاتال مثمرة مع الشعراوي‎) .
  • Encyclopedia of the names of Allah, (Arabic: موسوعة الأسماء الحسنى‎), in three Books.
  • Encyclopedia of Scientific I'jaz (inimitability) in Al-Quran and Sunnah (Arabic: موسوعة الإعجاز العلمي في القرآن والسنة‎), in Two books, which are:
    • The miracles of God in human آيات الله في الإنسان
    • The miracles of God in Universe آيات الله في الآفاق

Books in Arabic[edit]

The Isra and Miraj, (Arabic: الإسراء والمعراج‎) . The Hijra, (Arabic: الهجرة‎) . God is the greatest, (Arabic: الله أكبر‎) .

On TV[edit]

He made hundreds of lectures on different TV channels, such as Iqraa TV[5] , Syria TV[6] , Cham TV[7] , Addounia TV[8] , Al-Resalah TV[9] , Infinity TV[10] , Future TV[11]

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