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Mohamed Rela
Born Kiliyanur-Mayiladuthurai, Tamil Nadu, India
Nationality Indian
Citizenship India, British
Alma mater University of Madras
Known for Liver transplantation
Split Liver Transplantation
Auxiliary Liver Transplantation
Resection for HCC, Cholangio carcinoma, Hepatoblastoma
Awards Guinness Book of Records in 2000
Scientific career
Fields Liver transplantation, Pancreatic disease
Institutions King's College Hospital, London
Dr Rela Institute and Medical Centre Chennai
Institute of Liver Disease and Transplantation Chennai

Mohamed Rela, is an Indian surgeon known for his expertise on liver transplantation and hepatopancreatobiliary (HPB) surgery. He is considered the world's best liver transplant surgeon from the King's College Hospital, London. He made his name in the Guinness Book of Records for performing a Liver Transplantation on a 5 day old baby. Prof. Mohamed Rela is the Chairman and Director of Dr Rela institute and medical centre , India and the Professor of Liver Surgery and Transplantation, King's College Hospital, London.[1]


Prof. Mohamed Rela was born in Kiliyanur village near Mayiladuthurai in Tamil Nadu, India. His parents are Haji S A Shamsudin and Hasma Beevi. He was a student of the Kalakshetra School, Chennai and got his MBBS (in 1980) and MS degree from the Stanley Medical College, Chennai. Later he went to the United Kingdom in 1986 and got another MS from Edinburgh and then became a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1988.


Prof. Mohamed Rela worked in various hospitals in UK before joining London’s King’s College Hospital in 1991. At the King's College Hospital, he pioneered the split liver transplantation technique; and has one of the largest experiences in the world in Auxiliary Liver Transplantation. His area of Interest is Paediatric Liver Transplantation. Prof.Rela does over 60 paediatric liver transplantations a year at Gleneagles Global Hospital, Chennai, and has performed over 250 paediatric liver transplantations to date, making it the largest paediatric program in South Asia.[1]

Rela is also a busy hepatobiliary surgeon, performing Whipple’s surgery for pancreatic cancer, liver resections for Cholangiocarcinoma and HCC resection in Cirrhotic patients. His research interest is in the field of clinical liver transplantation and developing animal models for hydrodynamic gene therapy. He has over 500 publications in peer-reviewed journals. He currently works in India, where he set up a successful Living Donor Liver Transplant program performing over 250 liver transplants a year.

The 'Master Class in Liver Disease' (MCLD) series was envisaged by Dr. Rela as a means to deliver high quality teaching in liver disease and transplantation. Since its first edition in 2011, it has quickly established itself as one of the most popular scientific meetings in the field in the Indian sub-continent. Each edition is planned as a single theme conference with participation of national & international experts. Previous editions have dealt with topics such as the pathological basis of liver disease, hepatobiliary tumours, paediatric liver diseases, peri-operative care of the liver recipient, living donor liver transplantation, and acute liver failure.[1]

The forthcoming MCLD is titled- ‘Liver Diseases & Transplantation - Care of the Critically Ill’ is being organized in Chennai from January 26 to January 27, 2018 at ITC Grand Chola, Chennai. Registrations are now open at the conference website.[2]


  • Prof. Rela has so far performed more than 4000 liver transplant surgeries.[3]
  • In December 1997, a team led by him performed a successful liver transplantation for a five-day-old girl,[4] which made him an entry into the Guinness Book of Records in 2000.[5][6] The 5 day old girl is now a fine, fit and healthy 20 year old law student at Trinity College, Ireland. [7]
  • In March 1999, he carried out the first living related liver transplant on a patient with acute liver failure in the UK. 18-month-old Luke Bettelley, was given just 48 hours to live before the operation.[8]
  • In June 2003, he successfully performed a liver transplant for a four-and-a-half-year-old girl from Ahmedabad, Pranali Bhat, suffering from a terminal stage liver disease, at the Global Hospital, Hyderabad.[9][10]
  • In August 2003, he was a part of a team from King's College Hospital, London which did liver transplant(s) six times for a patient to save her life by performing a bone marrow transplant.[11]
  • In August 2004, a team led by him has successfully conducted the liver transplantation for a five-year-old Pakistani girl, Batul Hasan, at the Global Hospital, Hyderabad.[12][13]
  • In September 2009, a team led by him successfully performed the split liver transplantation (first of its kind in India), at the Global Hospital, Chennai. The liver was split during the retrieval operation into a smaller left lobe for transplanting a young girl and a larger right lobe for transplanting an older woman with end stage liver disease.[14][15][16][17][18]
  • In May 2011, a team led by him has successfully done Swap liver transplantation on Adults (first of its kind in India), at Global Hospitals & Health city, Chennai.[14][15][16][17][18]
  • He is the only liver surgeon in India with over 500 Scientific Publications.[19]


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