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Mohammed V University at Souissi (Souissi, Rabat, Morocco) is a nonprofit Moroccan public institution of higher education and scientific research. It is located in Rabat, in the Al Irfane campus.

As of the academic season 2012-2013, the university counted 23,746 alumni.[1]


The Mohammed V University, the first university founded in December 21, 1957 by King Mohammed V after independence, has provided and continues to provide training of high level executives both administrative and teaching the country. The university was split into two independent universities in 1992 (Mohammed V University at Souissi and Mohammed V University at Agdal).

With seven training institutions and three research institutes, the University Mohammed V at Souissi covers various areas of education, namely: Life Sciences and Health, Science and Technology, and Social Sciences.[2]


The university contains 10 institutions:

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