Mohammed esh Sheikh el Mamun

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Mohammed esh Sheikh el Mamun (Arabic: عبد العبدالله محمد سعدي الثالث‎‎) (also known as Abdul Abdallah Mohammed III) was a Sultan from 1603 to 1608, based in Fes with only local power. He was a member of the Saadi Dynasty. He was a son of Ahmad al-Mansur and brother of Zidan Abu Maali (his adversary) and Abou Fares Abdallah (his ally). He was succeeded in Fes by his sons Abdallah II (r.1613-1623) and after that his son Abd el Malek (r.1623-1627).

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Preceded by
Ahmad al-Mansur
Saadi Dynasty
Succeeded by
Abdallah II