Mohanananda Brahmachari

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Mohanananda Brahmachari
Born Manamohan Bandapadhyay
(1903-12-17)17 December 1903
Midnapore, West Bengal
Died 29 July 1999(1999-07-29) (aged 95)
Tennessee, United States
Nationality Indian
Guru Sri Sri Balananda Brahmachari

Sri Mohonananda (also known as Mohanananda and Mohananand) Brahmachari (17 December 1903 – 29 August 1999) was a yogi and guru of India.[1] He was the second Mohanta (Head) of the Ram Niwas Brahmacharya Ashram.[1] He also created number of trusts, social service foundations, hospitals, medical centers, and schools under his Guru's name, Guru Sri Sri Balananda Brahmachari.[1]

Early life[edit]

His childhood name was Manmohon Banerjee and was second son of Sri Hem Chandra Banerjee and Srimoti Binoyini Debi. He was at Khaprelbazar in Midnapur town of West Bengal. By birth He is descendant of Bhatta Narayan Family and belonging to "Sandilya Gotra". He studied at C.M.S School of Bhagalpur, and on English Medium School of Dhanbad. He passed Entrance equivalent to Matriculation / Secondary Examination in first division in the year 1920. He studied intermediate in Scottish Church College and stayed in Oglive Hostel.[2]

Parental House of Sri Sri Mohanananda Brahmchari is at Shibniwas in Nadia district. Thus he was born similarity with Sree Sree Gouranga Mahaprabu both belong to Sandilya Gotra and Nadia District of West Bengal. Both Gouranga Mahaprabu and Mohonanda Brahmachari believed and preached Naam Sankirtan which can be the easy faith for liberation of the soul – the Moksh.

He disappeared from the hostel on 9 September 1921 and surrendered Himself to Sree Sree Balananda Maharajji at his Deoghar Ashram. Sree Sree Balananda Maharaj who was disciple of Shri Brahmananda acknowledged amongst the truly great yogis of Modern India. Deoghar ashram at Karanibad was surrounded by heavy forest and with a general atmosphere of Peace and Tranquility all over. He was initiated him Naisthik Brahmacharya on 1 October 1921 the day of Maha Ashtomy of Saradiya Durga Puja. Sree Sree Mahanananda Bramachari spent his early Sanyas days serving his guru intensely.

In Calcutta he himself had inaugurated and performed pran prathistha ceremony of radha krishna idols of his devotees. One such temple home is of [[Sri Sri Radha Mohan Jew / Jeu ]][3] temple located in panbagan lane in Entally. In this temple house he often visited and on 4 February, Sunday 1973 he stayed for a week and a half performed pran prathistha puja of the holy idol Radha Mohan.[4]

Mohananda Brahmachari performing puja at Entally's Sri Sri Radha Mohan Jew / Jeu Temple
"Sri Sri Radha Mohan" of Sri Sri Radha Mohan Jew / Jeu temple
"Sri Sri Radha Mohan" on Nando Utsab 2015 of Sri Sri Radha Mohan Jew / Jeu temple

Further information about Him and his ideology as well as works is available at the official website of his ashrams:


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