Mohawk Airlines Flight 121

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Mohawk Airlines Flight 121
Accident summary
Date July 2, 1963
Summary Pilot error, bad weather as a contributing factor
Site Rochester, NY
43°07′24″N 77°40′32″W / 43.12333°N 77.67556°W / 43.12333; -77.67556Coordinates: 43°07′24″N 77°40′32″W / 43.12333°N 77.67556°W / 43.12333; -77.67556
Passengers 40
Crew 3
Fatalities 7
Injuries (non-fatal) 36
Survivors 36
Aircraft type Martin 404
Operator Mohawk Airlines inc.
Registration N449A

Mohawk Airlines Flight 121 crashed during takeoff from Rochester-Monroe airport for Newark International Airport on July 2, 1963, killing 7 people and injuring 36.

The aircraft, a Martin 404 with a total of 15,970 hours in-flight, attempted to take-off on runway 28 into a heavy thunderstorm. The pilot was unable to maintain control, and the plane came back down. The left wing impacted ground and the aircraft cartwheeled wing-over-wing and caught fire, killing seven people on board: two crewmembers and five passengers. The weather forecast at the time was found to be entirely accurate. The NTSB found the cause of the accident to be the pilot's poor decision to take off in bad weather, and cited the weather itself as a contributing factor.


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