Mohawk Island

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Gull Island Lighthouse.
Panorama of Mohawk Island.

Mohawk Island is a small (4 hectares[1]) island in Lake Erie, in the province of Ontario, Canada. It was formerly known as Gull Island. The island contains the ruins of the Gull Island Lighthouse, built in 1848 to guide ships into the Welland Canal. It was automated (no longer requiring a human keeper) in 1933, and decommissioned in 1969.[2] It is located close to the shore of Rock Point Provincial Park.[3] The lantern room and stairs inside the lighthouse were removed, the wood roof the lighthouse keeper, door and windows are missing.

Currently, no humans live on the island, and it is mostly inhabited by birds. It is an important nesting and loafing area for gulls, terns and cormorants; furthermore, the island provides a stopover site for migratory birds such as Canada geese. In 1977, the Canadian government established the island as Mohawk Island National Wildlife Area to protect nesting birds. Although the surrounding waters are popular for recreational boating, people are generally not allowed to visit Mohawk Island.Public access and activities at Mohawk Island NWA are restricted by the Wildlife Area Regulations. Entry to Mohawk Island NWA is not permitted from April 1 to August 31, except by a permit issued by the Canadian Wildlife Service under the Canada Wildlife Act. Signs are posted on the island . On Mohawk Island NWA, overnight camping, open fires, hunting and use of vehicles are prohibited at all times. Entry to the stone lighthouse structures is prohibited at all times.[1]

Public access to Mohawk Island NWA is permitted from September 1 through March 31, for day use only, from sunrise to sunset. Signs are posted on the island clearly indicating the permitted dates of access. Authorized low-impact recreational uses at the island include wildlife viewing; picnicking; recreational fishing from shore (no lead sinkers and spears); swimming; and boat landing (motorized and non-motorized boats).


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