Mohawk Mountains

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Mohawk Mountains
Low clouds on the Mohawk Mountains.jpg
Low clouds on the Mohawk Mountains
Highest point
Peak Unnamed
Elevation 2,776 ft (846 m)
Length 30 mi (48 km) NW–SE
Width 5 mi (8.0 km)
Mohawk Mountains is located in Arizona
Mohawk Mountains
Mohawk Mountains in Arizona
Country United States
State Arizona
Region Central & Northwestern Sonoran Desert
District Yuma County
Settlement Mohawk, AZTacna, AZ
Growler, AZ
Range coordinates 32°37′N 113°40′W / 32.617°N 113.667°W / 32.617; -113.667Coordinates: 32°37′N 113°40′W / 32.617°N 113.667°W / 32.617; -113.667
Borders on Gila River (N)
San Cristobal Valley (NE)
Mohawk Valley (SW)
Bryan Mountains (SE)

The Mohawk Mountains (Maricopa: Vii Kachkwiny, O'odham: Kusvo To:b) is a mountain range in the northwest Sonoran Desert of southwest Arizona. It abuts the western Gila River valley to the north (the Lower Gila River Valley), and is located in southern Yuma County. The Mohawk Valley lies adjacent and southwest of the range; the San Cristobal Valley is northeast.

The Mohawk Mountains-Bryan Mountains is a northwest-southeast trending block faulted system. Mohawk, Arizona on Interstate 8 is located on the north end of the range; Mohawk Pass traverses the range with the interstate route.

The highest point in the Mohawk Range is unnamed at 2,776 feet (846 m).

Distant view from west:
western side of Mohawk Mountains

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