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Mohawk 4 Ice Centre

Mohawk Road, is an Upper City (mountain) arterial road in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. It is a two-way street throughout that starts just West of Highway 403 & Meadowlands and travels eastward linking up with the Lincoln M. Alexander Parkway. Mohawk Road east of Highway 403 resumes again in front of Iroquoia Heights Conservation Area, and runs parallel with the Lincoln M. Alexander Parkway, cuts across the Hamilton mountain and ends at Mountain Brow Boulevard, the site of Mohawk Sports Park.


Mohawk Road, is a road that follows the route of an ancient Indian Trail that passed through dense forest. First Nation inhabitants in the area walked this path from upper New York State. [1]

One section of the Hamilton mountain to be filled at the earliest date was by the Pennsylvania Dutch of Loyalists settlers at present-day Mohawk Road, west of Upper James Street, and running to the mountain brow between Queen Street and the Sanatorium. Upper James Street at the time was known as the Caledonia Highway.[2]

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Note: Listing of streets from West to East.

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