Mohiyedine Sharif

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For the journal on electromagnetics named The Electrician, see The_Electrician.
Mohiyedine Sharif

Mohiyedine Sharif (Arabic: محيي الدين الشريف; killed March 29, 1998), also known as The electrician, was a master bombmaker for Hamas. A protégé of Yahya Ayyash, Sharif was responsible for the First and second Jerusalem bus 18 massacres, and the Ashkelon bus station bombing.[1]

Sharif gained a BA in electronic engineering at the Al-Quds University. Sharif died in a car explosion near a garage in Ramallah on March 29, 1998. Many Palestinians believe that he was a victim to internal struggles between Palestinian militias.

Following his death, the Palestinian Authority arrested five members of Hamas for his killing.[2] But Hamas said that the Preventive Security Force by its commander Jibril Rajoub killed Sharif after they arrested him.[3]


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