Mohni Lighthouse

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Mohni Lighthouse
Mohni tuletorn.JPG
LocationMohni, Estonia
Coordinates59°41′02.4″N 25°47′43.6″E / 59.684000°N 25.795444°E / 59.684000; 25.795444Coordinates: 59°41′02.4″N 25°47′43.6″E / 59.684000°N 25.795444°E / 59.684000; 25.795444
Constructed1806 (first)
1871 rebuilt
Height27 metres (89 ft)
Shapecylinder tower with balcony and lantern
Markingsunpainted brick
Heritagen. 9487[1]
First lit1852
Focal height33 metres (108 ft)
Range10 nautical miles (19 km; 12 mi)
CharacteristicLFl W 20 s.
Estonia no.EVA 100[2]

Mohni Lighthouse (Estonian: Mohni tuletorn) is a lighthouse located on the island of Mohni (in the Gulf of Finland), in Estonia.[3]


The original wooden lighthouse was built in 1806, and replaced with the 20 metre concrete structure in 1852.[4] Due to the harsh Nordic climate, the outer bricks of the lighthouse have heavily deteriorated and a new layer of bricks (including an additional 7 metres in height) were added in 1871. The lantern room of the lighthouse was built by a Latvian based factory in Liepāja, and the dioptric apparatus was made by Chance Brothers & Co in Great Britain.

Due to the continuous deterioration of the lighthouse's outer brick surface, the lighthouse was reinforced with a layer of concrete after World War II; this layer was removed in 1998. Next to the lighthouse is the lighthouse keeper's house.[5]

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