Mohommed Rayyan

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Mohammed Rayyan
Nickname(s) Sky Falcon
Born 1955
Baiji, Iraq
Died 1986
Allegiance Iraq Iraq
Service/branch Iraqi Air Force
Years of service 1977–1986
Rank Colonel
Battles/wars Iran–Iraq War 

Colonel Mohommed Rayyan (died 1986), nicknamed "Sky Falcon," was a fighter pilot with the Iraqi Air Force during the Iran–Iraq War. He scored 5 air combat kills, making him an ace and the most successful Iraqi fighter pilot of that war.[1]

Rayyan, while only a Flight Lieutenant and flying a MiG-21MF, claimed two (later confirmed) kills against Iranian F-5 Freedom Fighters in 1980.[1] Later a Captain, he qualified on the MiG-25P in 1981 and claimed 5 more victories (3 verified by western sources.) Most of his victories were F-4 Phantoms.[1] Having flown the MiG-25 was evidence of his considerable skill, as Soviet "advisers" were stationed in Iraq specifically to limit access to this advanced jet, and only the best pilots flew them.[2][3]

In 1986, having attained the rank of Colonel, Rayyan was shot down and killed by IRIAF Grumman F-14 Tomcats.[1]

His 5 air combat victories make Rayyan the most successful MiG-25 fighter pilot ever.

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